Transgender Kardashian

Caitlyn Jenner (via Vanity Fair cover photo)
I've had a while to stew over this woman now to collect my thoughts on the overall premise and existence of her, and I'd like to take the time to discuss a few aspects that dissuade me from joining in on her bandwagon of transgenderism.

I despise Caitlyn Jenner. I really, truly do loathe her.

I recognise her as who she says she is — a transgender woman, or...woman, simply put. But I cannot, in the right mindset, allow her words, her thoughts, and her feelings toward what it means to be continue diluting the minds of cisgender people everywhere (and some trans, too!)

Firstly, she's a transgender woman who publicly announces her political stance as Republican, AND she wants to endorse the fundamentalist and bigot Ted Cruz for president. Anyone with a logical mindset can see how much of a monster that man's political affiliations and views are, and it's highly disturbing to know a transgender human being — no matter which side of the spectrum or therein — can support such a heinous fiend who's against human growth. It's complete, utter ignorance toward prosperity for a community of people who so greatly need a positive voice to aid in speaking publicly for them.

In a rant on her show, I Am Cait, she spilled over about how Republicans would be better for transgender rights compared to Hillary Clinton. Look, I don't like Hillary Clinton all that much either, but she's definitely spoken out about how she supports the LGBT community. Caitlyn's stringent and inflexible viewpoint toward this belief even angered her "Yes women" friends to the point they didn't want to be around her.

You see, Caitlyn is a very special kind of human being. She's spoiled. She's a rich, holier-than-thou brat. She's privileged. And she knows it. For a trans person to say that the hardest thing about being a woman is figuring out what to wear, I feel she doesn't understand what women struggle with on a day-to-day basis. It's disgusting that she would even say such a thing. But hey, she's privileged. What do I even know about that?

Not a single damn thing. Because being poor is horrible. Living paycheck to paycheck, and sometimes not even being able to live paycheck to paycheck, is a fucking travesty. Hey, it's why I feel the Bern. I desire real change and growth in our broken country.

And that's why Caitlyn doesn't represent the voice of 99.9 percent of the transgender community. This woman does not speak for us.

I have a close friend who is also a transgender woman who moved last year to the previous city I lived in. As most of you know from the trials I wrote about before moving to Little Rock regarding living in Jonesboro, you lot know just how terribly conservative and backward-thinking that northeast corner of the state can be. Yes, there are awful places all over the state and country just like it, but Jonesboro holds within in it a very special kind of intolerance-based religiosity. The aspect that stands out most is that, unlike other loosely populated areas, Jonesboro is a moderately bigger, small-scale city. There are 80,000 people that live there. And it is a primarily conservative town that's really good at shutting down the voices of minorities and youth.

Back to my friend, yes. This friend of mine has dealt with so much misgendering, so much dead-naming, and so much bigotry and hate since moving there. Everywhere she goes in that city, people give her heated glares of disgust and despicable names thrown her direction. She's having far too many problems with all of this at her workplace, too. And for what? Why is it so terribly difficult for people to just love and accept another for who they are? It's such a simple task to accomplish. I'm under the assumption that Jonesboro has become more heated toward trans people since I left last year. This is probably correlated to how much more of an impact we've made in pop culture and opinion/news pieces.

Caitlyn Jenner knows nothing of this. She doesn't have death threats thrown her way. She has bodyguards. Money gets you that. She didn't have to struggle with trying to physically she was capable of having immediate surgery. Money gets you that. She has the most famous doctors on her side, and has no problematic issues with getting prescription hormones. Money gets you that. All of it. She's probably had all the fucking electrolysis and laser treatments in the world to rid her body of masculine hair growth. Hey, money gets you that. It's easy for her.

And I don't believe a single piece of bile that comes from her mouth when she says that being trans is a struggle. Because for her, it isn't. She doesn't fear for her life.

But go on, Caitlyn. Keep sinking that money into a political party that shuns who and what you are. Keep acting like life is soooooooo difficult for you.

Because it's not. Grow up and learn what it's actually like to struggle like a woman in the real world. Until then, shut your cakehole and get off the telly.

Oh, and Caitlyn? Be good...and do good.