American Terrorists

Like a blown gasket. Certain Americans are
becoming unravelled because of diversity.
This photo, among the many others you're going to see posted with this blog entry, are photos that were shared, liked, or posted by a certain family member. And the quote you see above the article and photo was written by this family member. It's upsetting.

This is a quote that comes from a person who fears change; it comes from a person who views diversity as unacceptable. This person is scared...and carries guilt around like a badge of honour. It's horrifying. It's anti-American.

You see, the United States of America is a country founded on the belief of acceptance for all — any human being that declares equality and perseverance for all. A country where, if you do so choose to believe in a god, you can worship freely right alongside another person who happens to believe in a different god. And even for those who stand by reason and logic...all the same for them, and myself, as well. Right. That's because this nation was founded upon the belief of separation of church and state. A particular peoples fled their tyrannical and oppressive governments to escape religious create this great nation.

Do you see the irony in the attitudes of modern day Republicans and Tea Partiers?
*stipulations apply.
What these extreme Conservative Party members want is basically the American version of Sharia law enacted upon this country's citizens. I mean, seriously, let's take a look at some equivalents (taken from a meme floating around the internet)...

  • Government based on religious doctrine
  • Women having fewer rights than men
  • Homosexuality is outlawed
  • Rejecting science in favour of religious doctrine
  • No separation between church and state
  • Religion is taught in school
  • Abortion is illegal
Really! Conservatives and Christian fundamentalists really want this type of atmosphere and law set enacted in this country. Conservatives cry hatred toward Muslims, and now against Syrian refugees, all the while demanding the exact damn same thing that radical Islamists have created through violence and fear in their respective areas of the Middle East. 

It seems to me, while I'm not religious at all, that conservatives, fundamentalists, and my family have forgotten the basis — the core of — what their religions are supposed be about. And that is?


Not some skewed, cherry-picked version of certain aspects of love either. LOVE. Real pulsating, do-anything-for-thy-neighbour, doesn't care who or what you are... LOVE.

Being compassionate is not hard. It is a super duper, simple, easy-as-pie concept to act on.

It's funny, really. I mean, it's not really funny, but all the same. I read a report earlier this morning that stated that 17 Americans were killed by violence through ISIS this past year, but over 30,000 Americans were killed by other Americans with guns within our own borders. Who should we actually be fearful of again? *sigh*

Memes from an anti-American. Very sociopathic.

As a transgender human being, it is absolutely terrifying and saddening to know I have a family member that cares so little about me. It's destructive to their mindset and way of thinking, and it could actually cause me physical harm.

So, when I leave you lot with the message of be good, and do good, I seriously mean that from the very depths of my heart. Take action in being wonderful toward others. Don't discriminate against another on the basis of who they are, what they look like, or even the things they do — personally and/or culturally.

We are not one nation under God. We are a nation of many religions and beliefs. We always have been. And the notion of telling another, "Well, if you don't like it, then you can just GET OUT," is quite xenophobic. I think even the creators of South Park touched on that in a previous episode to show just how ridiculous and cruel that kind of mindset truly is.

I suppose this blog post has come about because of how fired up I've become over the past few weeks. People are scared of change. I get it. It's human instinct to want to be placed in an environment that is constant and never swerving to something out of the ordinary. And fundamentalist religious views don't help matters when trying to circumvent that instinct either.

And this is why we love. This is why we love one matter the obstacles. Ignoring the barriers and stomping out hate is key to living in a peaceful society. But I'm truly afraid that as long as religion exists, and as long as certain fundamentalists keep getting produced within religion, that the world will truly never know peace.

Love is so much more than your fictional, invisible god.

Be good, and do good. <3