Truth and Consequences *EOTMP?*

28 January

Week 154
Let's talk about common sense, yes? Sure. Cultural differences abound the world over, and within these differences are differing viewpoints, beliefs, and ideologies that shape and make our lives within this world uniquely ours. But how we make it uniquely ours in a way that promotes growth in humanity...well, that's where situations and events can become a bit prickly for some.

Take, for instance, the group of individuals yours truly is so lovingly a part of — the LGBT populace. 12 percent of adults in the United States identify as a sexual minority or something other than cisgender. That's a fairly nice size chunk of humanity. But for some reason or another, a good portion of US citizens have an ideology that makes them despise, hate, or even want to hurt or kill my LGBT flock. Why? What causes some human beings to develop such a distaste for others with a minority identity? Is it video games? Is it music? Movies? Art? No? No no no. The answer is really simple, actually. But within its construct is where it gets messy; and it's why, as a whole, people are leaving in droves.

It's religion.

Religion, Christianity specifically, teaches you from a very young age that in the beginning there was man. And from that man's rib came woman. And from them came offspring, and so on and so forth. Yada yada yada.

As absurd as that story sounds (considering there would have been monstrous amounts of incest), when you have a child's mindset and imagination, that becomes engraved into your mindset with fierce tenacity. You then understand that all life springs eternally from a common set piece — a man and a woman.

After that, however, Christianity's rulebook, the Bible, creates a series of conflicting story elements and major contradictions that opens entirely new cans of worms at every corner you turn toward. It's these points in each story arc that all of the differing denominations of Christianity in this country decide to shape and mold the very intricate ideologies that each follower abides by...with most people cherry-picking what they want to follow and believe.

I've stated this before in my blog, but I grew up in various Pentecostal churches having hail, fire, and brimstone sermons preached at me each and every week. The negative effect that can have on a child...oh goodness...the anxiety it can create. I'm proof of it, as I have fairly intense anxiety issues to this very day. The Pentecostal church, at its core, creates a sect of Christian followers that believe like Texas' own Ted Cruz believes - adamant supporters of abolishing any rights or equality acts granted to LGBT individuals.

Baptist churches are where things get finicky. You can pretty much count out the Southern Baptist league of evil, as they're the primary perpetrators of any LGBT discrimination put forward into the political process. James Dobson, founder of the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family, derives from this sect of Christianity.

This group is what we call evangelical Christianity — and it's the horror that is currently causing the United States so much disruption and turmoil. It's seeped its way into our political process with its extreme right-leaning ideology. Evangelical followers primarily reside in the South, but it's followers can be found all over the country.

Evangelical Christianity is an utter atrocity. It's motives are that of Nazi Germany. You make think I'm being overly dramatic in speaking that way of it, but it is absolutely the truth. It believes that marriage isn't between two people that love one another, but by some archaic notion that it should only be between a cisgender man and cisgender woman. It believes in conversion therapy (and shock therapy in some extreme instances) for LGBT individuals — the vice president, Mike Pence, is a super huge fan of conversion therapy.) It believes in pro-life nonsense.
They definitely went bonkers when Bill Clinton messed up...that's for sure. What's different now?
There is an article I've read recently by an evangelical Southern Baptist pastor, MIguel De La Torre, in which he describes more aptly evangelicalism and its current downward spiral. A short segment of the article that stands out to me is something that rings so very true, and is the exact reason why one person's view of "common sense" isn't actually common sense — hint: logical reasoning is what dictates common sense. But anyhoo, the section of the article:

Evangelicalism’s unholy marriage to the Prosperity Gospel justifies multi-millionaire bilkers wearing holy vestments made of sheep’s clothing who discovered being profiteers rather than prophets delivers an earthly security never promised by the One in whose name they slaughter those who are hungry, thirsty and naked, and the alien among them. Christianity at a profit is an abomination before all that is Holy. From their gilded pedestals erected in white centers of wealth and power, they gaslight all to believe they are the ones being persecuted because of their faith. 
Evangelicalism’s embrace of a new age of ignorance, blames homosexuality for Harvey’s rage rather than considering the scientific consequences climate change has on the number of increasing storms of greater and greater ferocity. To ignore the damage caused to God’s creation so the few can profit in raping Mother Earth causes celebrations in the fiery pits of Gehenna.

Christianity at a profit. Oh my goodness, is it ever. It feeds off the backs of the uninspired and unlettered, creating a rising tension in the very people it leeches from — which pushes those individuals to cast not only bigotry and hatred, but also votes at the ballot box.

When people tell me, "Oh, I don't discuss politics..." ...guess what? Politics are what create the very space that is our world. Every important aspect of our lives are determined by politics. They are one of the most important elements of our, currently disfunctional, society. Healthcare, education, social infrastructure, etc... you name it, it's all governed and created by politics.

So, yeah, these people get to vote at the ballot box, too. And that's what is frightening. I personally feel that you should be able to pass a standard civics test in order to vote. I guarantee you'd see a whole wave of progressive ideals reshape this country if that were to happen. But it won't. Voting, however, should be mandatory. If you can get summoned for a jury at random, then voting should be a required task as a citizen. And Election Day should be a federal two-day holiday event that everyone gets off from work (at least one of the two days) to go vote.

Common sense...that's really simple. Whatever allows the further growth and prosperity of humanity or a society should be considered "common sense." For some, it is. For others, it's not. For those, it's an ideology that should best be kept hidden internally — never to show its face.

So, I'll finish this blog post up with one last quote from De La Torre's editorial piece:

The Evangelicals’ Jesus is satanic, and those who hustle this demon are “false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve” (2 Cor. 11:13-15, NIV).

What's this, an atheist quoting scripture? After all, the bible is the best weapon to use against Christian spinsters.

Be good, do good. Love.

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