Stick a Tube Down My Throat *EOTMP*

24 June

Week 124
Goodness, has it ever been an interesting past month.
Monthly progress! <3
The first two weeks, I dealt with more abdominal cramping and nausea. It especially flared up (after thinking I was improving) while sitting in a cinema watching Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. I began getting cold sweats and feeling very nauseous. I made it through the movie, but I immediately took some promethazine to ease the nausea.

I'm sitting here writing this blog entry on a Monday at the beginning of week 124, and I can tell you that for the last week and a half, I've been feeling pretty fantastic.

I'm eating better (though I had pizza last night), drinking nothing but water, and still continuing to take the omeprazole to calm my stomach. With that said, I do have a GI appointment scheduled for Tuesday (tomorrow) to have an endoscopy done. Even the GI doctor I spoke with last Tuesday thinks it's probably a stomach ulcer — which, yeah, those can take quite a while to go away. The cause? I have been massively stressed out ever since November and the election last year. It's not easy being trans and living in a state who's legislature wishes you didn't exist. But yeah. :/

Update: The EDG that I had on Tuesday revealed that my stomach was perfectly fine. So, they decided to go a bit lower into my small intestine — to which they found a tiny polyp. The doctor said it wasn't anything that would have been causing my intense cramping or nausea, but they went ahead and removed it just in case. I believe they also took a biopsy of my stomach lining...which I should be getting results back from that early next week. Hopefully everything is good. I've actually been feeling quite good the past two weeks, too. Hopefully this is the end of all of my agonising abdominal issues.

So, the Electronic Entertainment Expo took place in Los Angeles last week! As you know, I'm a total nerd for video games, and Nintendo's showing, along with a handful of other games from the other guys made for a really good E3 show this year. I am SO beyond excited for Splatoon 2! And Xenoblade 2 is looking as gorgeous as ever. Even the Metroid II: Return of Samus remake is looking fairly hot, too! I can't wait to play it and see how it stacks up to AM2R. (Which I LOVED.) :)
I' m ready to stay fresh for Callie and Marie once again!
Quirkiest new game announcement, however? That title belongs to Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Oh em's a Mario-themed XCOM game. Gimmie gimmie! <3

I'm also a total fight game fangirl. My favourite series is probably Guilty Gear, and the developers of that game, Arc System Works, have created a new Dragonball Z fighting game titled, Dragonball Fighter Z. I really really REALLY hope they decide to bring it to Switch. The hype for the console is unreal at this point! Why would you NOT bring your games to it? o_O

Hey, my computer decided to go kaput last week, too. No no, it's been fixed since then (thanks to my handsome computer technician boyfriend) Apparently the CPU fan decided it had enough and stopped working. It was also leaking some goo as well. Everything's been cleaned up for the most part, and now here I am writing a blog entry on this blasted thing. :P So, yay for Zach for fixing it. He was sexy doing it. (He's sexy anyway.) <3
Zach, working diligently on trying to repair my computer issue. So sexy.
I seem to have been bitten on my right foot by a bunch of chiggers this past week. Chiggers, as they're called in the South (berry bugs elsewhere, I think) are these tiny little red bastards that leave a fairly-sized bump that intensely itches where they bite. Where I even got into these things, I haven't the slightest clue. Hydrocortisone seems to be helping well, so that's good.
Juno being a sleepy, sweet kitty. I loves him and his adorable face. <3
Well, let's call it a month and end this entry here. I'll see you guys next month! Be good, do good! Love! <3

Edit: I'm finished this blog entry off over at Zachary's place, so when I get the chance in the next day or so, I'll update the post to add in stats progression and breast development photos. :)

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