The Flood *EOTMP*

30 April

Week 116
Let's start with the most recent item on today's agenda — flooding.

Last night, practically the majority of Arkansas and Missouri got slammed with a torrential downpour of rain, heavy winds, tornadoes (in some areas), and yes, flooding. Central Arkansas didn't escape from the latter, as I am about to attest.
Bridge about to go under by the Buffalo River. Photo by: David C. Jones
About 12:30 a.m., Ruth rushes into my bedroom to wake me up, letting me know the kitchen is flooding. My first reaction was, "fuck." Secondly, I began getting scared because this felt different compared to the last two times we've experienced flooding — those were both on a smaller scale...although Ruth did her damnedest to circumvent the first which she succeeded. The second was barely anything at all, but it did approach up to our patio door.
West Plains, MO. Photo by: Summer Wilterding
This time, however, I rush downstairs to see our kitchen covered in about two inches of water. I immediately rush back up to get as many towels as I can to block it from entering into the living room area. The three of us here could only contain it so much, though, and we eventually gave up due to exasperated resources. We watched it very slowly enter into the sides of our barricade and into the corners of the living room.
This was from after mopping for about an hour. You can see the towel barricade in the corner.
I couldn't sleep all night due to worrying about what I would wake up to in the morning. I also knew I'd have to call in to work today to handle the cleanup. The storms kept me awake — it lasted all night long. I also felt nauseous from the food I had consumed. It was a terrible feeling carried within all throughout the night. It also didn't help that at one point, I awoke to find out several tornado warnings had hit where my family lived. That worried me as well. Bad night.

I finally got up around 6:30 a.m. to survey the damage. The water had receded! There were still several pools of water lying about in the living room, though, and you could see it had made its way up to the front door. The water apparently only covered about half of the room due to an ever so slightly slanted foundation. That's good, I guess. But I began mopping. I mopped for about an hour to get it as dry as I could — to the point of placing a fan on the floor to dry out things quicker. Oh, goodness, were the floors ever dirty, though. And the smell...ugh.

Onto happier news...
VERY slight growth in my boobs. C'mon, girls! Kick it into gear! *sigh*
By the time next month's blog post comes around, Zach and I will have celebrated our one year anniversary. That's 19th of May, to be exact. :) I can't wait. I love this man so much. And that's such a terrible way of describing exactly how much I truly do love him. But it's quite a lot.

You see, I've not ever met a person with whom I share so many interests, who goes completely out of his way to make me feel wanted and loved, and is beyond adorably nerdy with an outstanding caring heart and attitude. Yes, he can be snarky and can get quite frustrated with others, but at his core, he's such a wonderful human being. And he loves me of all people! I know it's cliché, but I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet. He keeps me level-headed, too, and that's something I know I need. LOLs.
I think we're planning on going to the Memphis Zoo. I haven't been in several years, and I can't wait to see the new exhibit that was recently put in. <3
30 April 2017 — Week 116

My car suffered a fairly costly (for me) inconvenience a few weeks ago, too. My starter went kaput. Boo. I now have a monthly payment to make over the course of the next six months, and this immensely hinders my ability to do anything for Zach for our anniversary date. :(

With that said, I'm trying to get set at work as a specialist in my department. It comes with an increase in pay...which obviously would make matters a tiny bit easier for me over the next six months. With this role also comes new stress to take on — I'd have a weekly sales goal that I would have to obtain. Some weeks, the decor department is rocking...some weeks, it isn't. :/

Anyhoo, I'll leave you lot with an adorable photo of Gigi. She's such an adorable little princess, isn't she? <3 <3 <3
She loves her belly rubbed! *squee*
Be good, do good, you guys. Love!

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