Forever 25 *EOTMP*

27 March

Week 112
Another month has come and gone. w00t w00t.
Lose weight...lose waist. Yay. Lose hips? *sigh*
Looking back on the past month, there's been some interesting events that have played out — everything from being crowned Queen of Decor, to a car crashing into the backside of a nextdoor neighbour's apartment, to a new Nintendo game console that I adore.
Happier and happier. <3
But first, the boy! My relationship with Zachary has continued to just get better and better as each week passes. He's such a wonderful human being, and gentle in how he manages all aspects of life. I love this, as I can't handle aggressive men. They make me uncomfortable, as it recalls horrid memories of my overly zealous father.

But Zach is incredible. We both give 100 percent effort into our relationship, and it becomes that much more valuable and rewarding in doing so. He loves and cares for me deeply, and in turn, I've given him my trust in caring for my heart (as cliché as that sounds...LOLs.) He's so sweet.
I love him dearly. <3
Work has been fairly steady the past several weeks...although last week was horridly slow (sales were bad for the decor department...ugh.) But it all led up to this past weekend's Success Sharing work party. We do these each fiscal half. Sometimes they're lame, sometimes they're fun (they're better when held at night after closing time instead of early morning...gah), but they're a time of awarding employees who stand out among the rest I received two awards this time. One was important, and the other was silly. The silly? Yes yes, "Queen of Decor". That's me, apparently. I run things my way...and no other way. :P I do run it well, though. Ask anyone at work. They'll tell you. :)

The other award, the important one, grants me extra moolah on my next paycheck. Mama wants and is excited to get. Yup yup. Also, along with that bit of a bonus, the entire company received our success sharing checks. It was a bit bigger than the last that I received in September, and definitely welcomed at that. I got a new dress today, after all. <3 The rest, however, is going to be spent on more electrolysis sessions. I'm super excited about that.
Back row, third from left. :)
I truly do believe as I've progressed along in my transition...that my alcohol tolerance keeps getting worse. Zach and I went out to eat a few nights ago at one of our favourite Mexican restaurants, and I had what was the equivalent of two small-sized margaritas — one was a frozen lime margarita, and the other was a frozen strawberry. I think the strawberry one was either loaded with a bit stronger tequila, or as I mentioned tolerance is just that much worse. Hormones are making me quite the lightweight. Thanks, estrogen. :/
25 March 2017 - Week 112
Moving on...

The Nintendo Switch has arrived! Yay! And it's the most fun I've had as an experience playing video games in the entirety of my gaming life. I've longed for a home console that I could take with me on the go for probably the past decade...if not longer. And now it's here, and I love it oh so much. No, seriously, I've already logged 73 hours of playtime on the uberly incredible The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And I'm still nowhere close to finishing it. There is SO MUCH to see and do. Because of this game, I've fallen behind on my progress on Final Fantasy XIV. :P

But yay for new video game consoles. They're always a fun time.

I got oogled and catcalled by a man outside of the grocery store after my dress flew up in the air due to wind. Men are creepy. Stop it. Control your dicks. Seriously.

To end this blog post on a slightly different note than you lot are used's a photo of the wreckage from a car that rolled backward down the hill (from the yellow house you see in the distance) into the fence, and over the brick wall down below into the backside of my next-door neighbour's townhouse — just barely missing their glass patio door and air conditioning unit outside. Whoa. (I'm happy those wheels didn't turn, though, landing it into my apartment. >_<)
So close...
Be good, do good! Love! <3

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