29 January

Week 104 (Two years)
This Sunday marks two full years of hormone replacement therapy. It's been quite a ride, hasn't it? Mmmhmm. So, let's begin.
From one year ago to now: I'm half an inch shorter, weigh 15 pounds heavier due to tissue development in hips, butt, and breasts (and other areas), my shoulders have shrunk by almost an inch in width, breasts are bigger by two and a quarter inches, waist...let's not talk about waist...LOLs, and hips/butt have grown by almost two inches. <3
You may have noticed that I got a head-start with posting every two weeks last week — because there wasn't a blog entry last Friday. I apologise for that. I have reasons. But yes, the changes to the blog officially begin now. I'm going to stop doing stats progression as a biweekly occurrence, and instead, start doing it monthly. The primary physical changes left in my transition are primarily centred around time remaining in breast development and more skin softening.
What to expect in year three? Less body hair, completion of testicular downsizing, breast growth, softer skin, and more fat redistribution. Yay.
So, that's exciting. Yup. It's a bit difficult, right now, to talk about anything other the political climate and current administration trying so vehemently hard to push societal degradation. But that's where I'm at right now, honestly. Trump and crew (still #NotMyPresident) are in a fast-paced fury, viciously eliminating equality, healthcare, and rights from citizens everywhere.
Oh me, oh my.
If the current order on the table to eliminate pre-existing conditions from work-related healthcare insurance actually goes through, will my surgery even be covered by my work's health insurance? My gender dysphoria is listed as just that. Will that be taken away because of Republican/social conservative idiocy? THESE ARE REAL THINGS happening. This is why I'm scared. But it's also why I'm ready and willing to fight for equal treatment and the lives of all non-white/cis/het individuals everywhere. We deserve to live peacefully, and this now Republican-controlled government wants to eliminate that. No thank you.

Last week's events (no, not the pathetic inauguration) during the women's march put so much love in my heart. Almost five million people protested worldwide for equality and against this Trump administration. That's incredible. FIVE MILLION. Five million individuals came together to show this new dictatorial leadership that we will not be silent. We exist, and we will fight. (Punching Nazis is fair game, btw.) White supremacy must die, and it must die a cold, hard death.
"Everything is okay. I promise." — Liar
So, give a big "fuck you" to alternative facts, or as they're called in reality — lies. Don't stand for that nonsense. Start becoming more aware of actual news and events around you. Research facts. Review evidence for what it is. Don't kid your eyes and your ears — that's what Republicans are so desperately trying to do to the uneducated. When legislation pops up that deals with taking away human rights or hindering someone in any sort of manner toward human growth...GET VOCAL. Call, email, text, write fucking letters...I don't care. Our legislators need to hear it from us. After all, they work for US. Not the other way around.
Hello again.

Changing the tone a bit now. Back to the blog. So, starting with this blog entry, and on the first week of each new month, I'll be covering the EOTWP photo, the monthly photo set, stats progression, and breast development photo (I'm going to start doing just the front view from now on.) Two weeks after that, it'll be the EOTWP photo and whatever else I feel like writing or posting about. :) I'll also still be posting weekly progression photos, but you'll only be able to see them on the main progression page — which you can find on the above navigation bar.
29 January 2017 - Week 104 (Two years)
Two full years of breast development. I <3 HRT.
That's the gameplan anyhow.

Work has been kind of slow for my department during the last two weeks. I imagine it will pick up in the coming weeks once people start getting income tax refunds in, but until then...blah. LOLs. I'm just bored, I guess. I still find things to do around my department, but it's not as enriching as working one-on-one with customers. Yesterday, I had a woman and her husband tell me, "You're such a joy to work with. Such a pleasure." That kind of stuff just makes my day. It feels really good.
Decided to take a selfie at my desk. My hair is getting so long! <3
On the gaming front, it's been more FFXIV, of course. I've been playing alongside Zachary, and now he's gotten his friend, Ryan, back in to playing the game as well. If I could get Matt to join the three of us, we'd have a decent damage-centred party...with no healer. :P (Paladin, Dragoon, Black Mage, and Monk...for those that are curious. LOLs.) I also got the next form of my relic weapon. Yay! This next step is going to be an utter bitch, though. Not looking forward to it. Ugh.
New gears! <3
To end this blog entry, here's a comparison photo from each 29th of January.
I'll see you lot in two weeks! Be good, do good! Love! <3

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