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07 January

Week 101
Starting three weeks from now at my two year mark, I'm going to change things up a bit going forward. Instead of a weekly progression post, I'll be posting less often — every two weeks. I'll do this for the entirety of my third year on HRT. After that, I'll cut back to one progression post per month in year four, with posts about whatever random topics I'm feeling strewn about here and there. My changes have come fast, and I feel it's time to start slowing down my blogging train to a more relaxed speed. Besides, it'll give me more to talk about within each blog entry.

You lot understand, right? Okee. :)
Sales associate by day...geeky gamer girl by night.
Okay, so...exciting news has come out regarding bottom surgery. The doctor I've always wanted to use — Dr. McGinn, located in Pennsylvania — doesn't currently work with insurance. Which, as most of you should know since reading along with my blog posts, isn't a method I can quite go along with. I have no means to pay up front, and this fact alone is truly disheartening. Healthcare in America, right? *sigh* I know...

WELL. A friend of mine recently had her SRS done, and it was done via a lesser known surgeon by the name of Dr. Salgado, located in Miami, Florida. Salgado does work with insurances, and according to several trans lady friends of mine...they say he does quite exemplary work downstairs. This is a good thing. That's a primary concern of mine. Having a well-constructed vagina is of the utmost importance, because I've known of several trans women who've gone to surgeons that aren't as well-known...and well, let's just say you get what you pay in for. Ugh. So, yeah. I think I have finally found an outlet to work with my job's wonderful health insurance. Yay.

With that said, first thing is first — electrolysis of both the face/neck and genital regions MUST be finished this year. I need you guys to help donate for that, too. Please. So much please! There's a fancy little donate button located on top of my blog's navigation bar — you can either donate to my PayPal account or into my YouCaring electrolysis fund. Either is fine with me, of course. So far, I've had about eight electrolysis treatments and three laser sessions from the wonderful Bryan Crawford in NLR, and I figure that I need about 10 more treatments on my face/neck, and about as many for my private bits. So, please, help in any way that you can. You would be much appreciated! <3

In the midst of doing all of the above, I'll also need to get started seeing a sex therapist for a few months sometime this year regarding SRS. This is an amazingly huge, life-changing event (as if HRT wasn't already, LOLs), and it's one I most certainly know I need and want. It's needed to continue living my life comfortably as the woman I am — the woman who's always existed internally. A good friend of mine told me recently that I'm right at the finish line of all of this...and oh my, do I ever feel so far from it. It was nice to hear her say that, though. :) I'm getting there. Slowly, but surely.
Zach and I at New Year festivities. <3
Changing topics, last week I mentioned going to see Ruth's grandparents for Christmas, right? Right. Well, here's a photo of Ruth, Phillip, and myself. :)
Stick that hip out, Anna. Always with the hip. Geez. :P
I'll see you lot next week! Only three more weeks until the two-year mark! Exciting! Be good, do! <3

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