I'ma Switch It Up Now *EOTWP*

15 January

Week 102
At work, there's a new department reset currently in the works. Our appliances and kitchen and bath design centre are getting makeovers, and dust is everywhere. Everywhere. It's causing my sinuses to go crazy, and in turn, I'm sneezing so much throughout the day. I'm so ready for it to be over.
We make the sales. You buy them. (Left to right: Brittney, Tai, myself, and Brenda) <3
Currently working on tax returns right now, and let's just say that this girl is gonna be able to afford a Nintendo Switch after all. LOLs. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! I'll even be able to get a considerable portion of electrolysis done as well. I'm super excited about all of this. I'm excited about finally getting rid of this shit on my face once and for all. I can't stand it any longer. :'(


I'm excited for the 3rd in March now. That's the release date. Zelda, Bomberman, and I Am Setsuna all look so super rad, and I can't wait to get my hands on the thing. Nor can Zach...he's pretty excited about playing it with me, too. <3
Go ahead. Make it your new desktop wallpaper.
I broke my department today at work. Kinda rad. Kinda not. I was attempting to move my desk around to make it a bit more customer-friendly, and in doing so, I tugged on a power supply box a bit too hard that immediately shorted out. My computer, printer, pricing gun, and overhead lights down one of my aisles immediately shut off. Oops. >_<

At least I'm getting a redesign of my desk out of it. Good job, Anna! (you clutz...)

I'm off tomorrow, and I need it. Work just drains me. It's not that I'm pushing myself any harder than I regularly do, but I think my body has changed more lately...rapidly, even. My ability to get tired from even the simplest of activities is way apparent now. It happens faster. The urge to drink more and more water is a thing now, too. I don't mind...I love water. Hah.

Slow it down, girl. I know, I know.
Getting shorter! Hehe.
Anyhoo, that's it for now. I'll see you lot next week! (Two weeks to go until the two year mark!!)

Be good, do good! Love! <3

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