Three Days Off *EOTWP*

18 December

Week 98
I'm tired. I'm sleep deprived. It's a combination of mental and physical stress from work and hormones at play changing my body. I know it is.

I used to be completely fine getting six hours of sleep every night. But now my body is moving into needing seven...sometimes eight hours. But it never shuts down early enough at night to warrant getting that much. I still end up falling asleep around midnight each night, and then subsequently wake up at 6 a.m. *sigh*
More gains. Yay!
But yes, hormones have internally changed my daily allotment of energy, and I've become more tired and weak in a much easier manner now. I'm happy to have these three days off in a row this week...starting with today. I've needed it badly.

Prisma's a fun app that recreates famous painters' styles onto your photos. I love it. Hehe.
Zach. I love him. Immensely. It sure is nice having him in my life, too. It's more fun that way. <3
And speaking of Zachary, he started playing Final Fantasy XIV Online with me. Yay! Granted he's playing using a free trial (which has expired, but it's been super fun nonetheless. I've always wanted to know what it'd be like playing an MMO with a significant other, as previous relationships didn't care in the slightest to play something like that with me. I'm happy it's Zach, though, not only because of his complete, utter nerdiness, but because he genuinely likes playing games like these. And he's my boyfriend. That, too. :P
Left: My character, Sarail Clay / Right: Zach's character towers over me. Sheesh. I'm tiny.

He'll have to buy the full game and start playing continuously with me, though. Running dungeons with him was a joy! So much fun.

Christmas is approaching rapidly now, and I'm super excited. Primarily because it's a time of the year specifically geared to showing thanks, fondness, and appreciation toward those that we care about and love. And for me, I like going crazy giving gifts. I sincerely don't expect or ask for anything in return, as I've never been about that, but when people do, it's an extra nicety that I fully appreciate. I'm primarily excited about spending the holiday this year with Zach. That alone makes the entire festive event a special one for me, and I'm sure it will be memorable and filled with lots of pictures. :)

You'll see more on that in the next couple of weeks. <3

With that said, let's bring this to a close, I suppose. Be good, do good! Love!

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