On the Eve of a New Year *EOTWP*

31 December

Week 100
100 crazy weeks of HRT! <3

I'm so happy to be alive. Really. And on the eve of a new year at that. The next four years could be very tumultuous...due to an ignorant half-wit and his socially regressive cronies at the helm of our beloved country...but I'm holding out hope and am ready to fight for progress. Believe it.
I love change. Change is good.
Tonight, Zach and I, along with Ruth and Phillip, will be joining Jenn, Sara, and Matt at their place for New Year festivities. I'm excited. Hopefully there will be some Cards Against, but whatever happens will be fun, I'm sure. I always enjoy going over there as the three hosts are lovely people to be around. Plus...kitties! <3

Zach and I were total, utter lazy nerds yesterday during our day off together. Zachary stayed with me the night before, and we lounged around playing video games all day yesterday while conversing about all things video games and other geek-related topics. It was a blast. I always have a great time spending any amount of time with him, and a full day was extremely blissful.

Even now, he's lying on my bed playing his DS while waiting to leave for tonight's festivities. <3
See? I told you. :P
This past Wednesday, the first of my three days off in a row, Ruth, Phillip, and I headed out once again to her grandparents' place for Christmas in Hot Springs Village. They're such sweet, fun, and kind people, and I always enjoy visiting. I so wish Zach could have gotten to meet them. Maybe next year? :)

Left: Setting the table. Right: The view outside from inside the den area. It's so pretty out there.
So, after tonight, where do we go from here? For me, I'm four weeks away from two full solar calendar years being on hormone replacement therapy. I've never felt more alive. I have a wonderful boyfriend and other half that makes life so much more interesting to experience. The possibility of moving in with Zach is more than likely going to happen in the coming year. Also exciting (and I'm beyond ready for it.) Until then, let's end this blog entry with some boobie development, shall we?? C'mon, I know you like it. Don't whatever me. :P
Growth in the two areas that matter. Hooray!
Coming to form. <3

Be good, do good! Love! <3

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