Moving *EOTWP*

10 December

Week 97
This past summer, Zach's apartment had gotten robbed two times in the span of five months. Terrible, yes, I know. Theft is such a petty, ridiculous crime. And I've felt absolutely awful for Zach each time it's happened. But enough is enough, and his apartment's management is finally moving him out of the specific, secluded location he's in and into a new unit down the hill in a more open area that's definitely more visible.

I was off work on Tuesday and Wednesday with the notion that I'd just be hanging around my apartment all day while Zachary was at work. But that didn't happen. Apartment management told Zach that Wednesday was his move-in day for the other unit, and that he had to be out of his current one on that day. Thanks for the short notice, management. Eck.

So the two of us got together and began deep cleaning and packing up all of his things on Tuesday — Tuesday was also gender clinic appointment day! More on that later, though. Hehe.

Thankfully, Zach doesn't have a megaton of furniture to move into the new unit, so he and I were able to get everything moved over. I think I like the layout of his new apartment better than the old one, too. It's still strange to me that the closets at this apartment complex are all located in the bathrooms. So weird. But one thing is for certain...I feel terrible for the guy moving into Zach's old apartment. It's such a prime hot spot for burglary.
Zach and I taking a break from cleaning.
Yes yes...Tuesday. I had another visit with Dr. Cathey. :)
In the exam room...
The changes are apparent. My facial structure has changed considerably, and I love it. Watching all of that nasty masculinity melt away has been life-saving. (In order: July '15, Sept. '15, April '16, July '16, and Dec. '16)
This time, however, Zachary tagged along beside me and got to meet her. I was greeted with a hug once again upon her entering the room, and it always makes me happy to see her smiling. I know she's thrilled with my results in this progression. I was kinda hoping she would inquire to Zach about certain feelings or thoughts being involved in a relationship with me, but that wasn't the case this time. Oh well. Hehe.
Juno being very suspicious under the tree.(photo courtesy of Ruth J.)
I finally finished my Christmas shopping last night! Woohoo! Online shopping is just the best — no crowds, no wait, no crying children, etc. I love it. LOLs. Hopefully Zachary, Ruth, and Phillip like their the waiting game begins. Hehe!

So! Until next week... be good, do good! Love! <3

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