I Used To Be A Damsel In Distress *EOTWP*

04 December

Week 96
Rough week at work for me. After my two day Thanksgiving break, I was scheduled to work six in a row. Yuck. By the end of it, I was beyond stressed, I couldn't sleep properly (even lying wrapped in Zach's arms), and felt incredibly depressed. Even Friday morning, I awoke at 4:30, and had trouble going back to sleep. I eventually did an hour later, but only for two more hours. It wasn't enough. :/
My oh my.
This past Friday marked 24 months on HRT. Not completely two full years yet, as I measure my progression in solar calendar months (28 days in a month), but I'm almost there. It's all so surreal to me...even after this long of a timeframe. But overall, I'm happy. I have a wonderful boyfriend who greatly cares about and loves me, a roommate that I cherish to the ends of the earth and back, and an amazing new slew of family and friends that accept and support who I am. It's an incredible feeling.
Boo. No growth in boobs. :/
Other than that, I really feel like I don't have much to say this week — that I can talk about on my blog at least. :/

Be good, do good! Love! <3

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