Christmas Day *EOTWP*

26 December

Week 99
Hello again, everybody! <3

Can we just take a moment of silence, and say to ourselves how utterly insane it is how much I've changed since this time in 2014?? Seriously. See for yourselves...
This was me — 26 December 2014. It's bewildering. Hormones are rad. 
The above photo was also the very first time that I went out into public as myself. Primarily, I just drove my car around town, never getting out, but the experience helped slowly ease me into my current, everyday life. I'll never forget that night. I also really adored that wig. :P

But hey! Christmas has happened! :D <3
The tree is fully decorated with lots and lots of wonderful thoughtfulness neatly placed, resting under the tree. Hehe!
The holidays create so much sparkling jubilation and gleefulness in me during this time of the year. As an atheist, I have so much to celebrate — new family, newfound life, two adorable kitties, and an immensely caring and honest man that I now call my other half. Everyone that attended our Christmas get-together at the apartment became a part of something that, for me, really set into stone why life is worth living.
From left to right: Zachary, me, Ruth, and Phillip (photo courtesy of Ruth B.)
Ruth worked her bloody ass off during the day...toiling cooking and baking to the extreme...until the most delicious Christmas dinner I've ever had was complete. She rocks for that (and yes, Ruth, the kitchen is now clean. LOLs.)
I even got into the Christmas spirit in-game on FFXIV! :)
Jenn, Matt, Sara, and Ayan...thank you for being a part of the day's festive events. I was happy to have all of you lot there. :)
Gigi says thank you for coming, too — despite her hiding in Ruth's bedroom the entire time. Hehe.
And Zachary...where do I even begin? (Warning: this is going to get mushy, and my heart will be poured all the way the hell out.) I love you. I love you so stinking much. You made this Christmas holiday (and the entire holiday season, for that matter) so incredibly noteworthy, so remarkable, and so exceptional to experience. You know me. You know my heart. And it belongs to you. And I know we're both still learning so much about each other as we go. That's one of the many things I enjoy experiencing with you — when I get that "ah ha!" moment with you that just makes me giggle and smile to no end.

And you did that to me again on Christmas day. I honestly don't ask for anything regarding gifts. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, anything I receive is just icing on the cake that I'm already thoroughly enjoying. But you did it. I think my favourite present from you was simply the Christmas card you wrote. You poured out your heart to me, and that created so much felicity and delight within my own. I started to cry. And I kept a good portion of those tears held at bay (though I wanted to let the downpour occur.)

You are most certainly my favourite person in the entire ever-expanding universe. And I found you right here on this planet. Lucky me! I don't ever plan to release you from my grip either. Hehe. So you best be okay with that proclamation, okay? ;)
I love this boy. <3
And on that bombshell (also a new comfy bra that Zachary gifted to me), I'll bring this to a close. There won't be any boobie update with this entry, as I wanted to keep it primarily about Christmas, but I'll be back with that this upcoming weekend...along with stats progression, the monthly photos, and week 100's progression photo. It'll be a loaded blog post, for sure!

Until then, be good, do good! Love! ('Tis the season.)

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