Something Fierce *EOTWP*

18 November

Week 94
Go on. Say it to my face. Tell me you wish I didn't exist. Tell me to go "back in the closet where I belong." Tell me you refuse to believe this is real.

I'll laugh at you. I'll cackle so severely, so abundantly and passionately with hysteria, that it will be you that creates your own closet to go hide in. I will not be silenced. I will not be shunned from existing. Your fundamentalism can sod off on its cheery way out the door. It is not needed in this modern world we live in, in 2016.


Work is getting busier as we inch closer to Black Friday weekend. I'm quite happy I'm getting to work my regular shift that Friday, too. I look forward to the busy day. Should be fun! I'm having a really good time now working in the decor department, and I've had many customers who have come to love working one on one with me. Hah, I even had an older lady tell me, as I was walking to the shelf to get a sample book, that I have quite the figure. "Yeah, my boyfriend seems to like it, too. Haha." "Oh, I bet he does," she slyly said. Hah! This was a woman in her 80s. It's great to see someone of that age with a fun spirit and attitude. :)
My selfie pose. My hair looks like poo in this photo. But I don't care. I was talking to Zach, so I was happy. :P
Tomorrow night. Yes yes, I'm excited about tomorrow night. It's double date night with Ruth and Phillip! Yay! We're going to do the whole dinner and a movie thing and check out Arrival at the Rave. No idea where we'll eat. I'm sure it'll be some place yummy, though. I can't wait! Now I just need to put together a cute outfit to knock Zach's socks off...

This Sunday is Thanksgiving with Ruth's grandmother, too. I'm happy we're doing this again, too. She and her husband are such good people and are incredibly welcoming into their home. I'm excited about seeing them again. I wish Zach could go with me, though. :/

But that's not the only chance. Hehe. On the actual day of Thanksgiving, Zach and I, along with Ruth and Phillip, will be heading over to the Steck's for a friends Thanksgiving get-together. I'm definitely looking forward to this event, as I'm sure it will be lots of fun...and tasty food, too!
Good increases in bust and hips these past two weeks. More, more! <3
I'm gonna end this blog post here and finally go watch Clarkson, Hammond, and May's new show, The Grand Tour. See you lot next week! Be good, do good...and love! <3

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