Of Tyrants and Men *EOTWP*

11 November

Week 93
Donald Trump is, via the electoral college, now this country's president-elect. The popular vote went to Hillary Clinton. And that questions why we're even still using the broken, tired system anymore. Yes yes, I've read enough into why we do, and yes, I agree for the most part, but changes to it, amendments, need to be made. They must. Because Trump didn't win this election based on what the overall populace wanted — the system decided it. Maybe we should start breaking apart the electoral votes individually between multiple parties throughout all states...sort of like what Maine and Nebraska do now? That would help.

Because in all reality, despite what most people think, this election wasn't about two candidates. It wasn't about which candidate was better over the other, whose ideals were more centred with the overall populace, or even whose immigration policies were the most sincere and honest. No no. This election was about an idea that sets on the subconscious of each and every single human being living in the United States, each and every day.

This election was about equality.

There was a choice to make furthering equality and human rights in this nation, and there was a choice that will possibly greatly hinder or harm the lives of those considered "different." I don't care about your 2nd amendment beliefs, how high a wall needs to be built, your fucking emails, the TPP, or any other fiscal/economic or material political issue. The well-being, safety, and equal rights of all individuals is far more important than ANY of the rest of that shit.

When legislation is created that hinders the lives of others from a social standpoint — meaning...laws created to disrupt someone from living as who they are — then that's a pretty damn unethical action created on the part of legislators fueled by conservative opposition.

And that trumps, for lack of a better word, any other political issue currently standing in this country.

So when you voted for Trump because you felt the need to "protect your family," "to keep your guns," or because you've drunk the Republican Kool-Aid of fiscal, trickle-down economics that you so lovingly think are going to cause your family and friends to suddenly become financially successful, you didn't vote for any of that. Because it isn't going to happen (except for your guns...Republicans are adamant about that). Instead, you voted to put LGBT people, African Americans, Muslims, and any other minority in harm's way. You voted to make their lives a living hell. And because of this, conservatives (not all, mind you) throughout the land now feel validated to speak out, even more directly in both physical and verbal assault methods, against such people.

I cried myself to sleep in Zach's arms Tuesday night. I felt fear. I felt despair. But more than anything, I felt that the possibility that I might be refused hormones based on new conservative legislation could happen. It feels real. And I refuse to watch my body regress back into something it shouldn't have ever been in the first place. I would die before that happens. I wouldn't let it.

And I'm not the only trans individual that feels this way. I have so many homosexual friends that fear their marriages might be nulled and voided. Trump electing three possibly Scalia-type Supreme Court justices scares the living shit out of me. Talk about taking America back to some crazed Bronze Age shit.

This country is divided. But it's not divided like you think it is...not quite. This isn't a religious South versus a northeast/west coast kind of thing taking place; it's not a black versus white race thing; it's not even a "my religion is real and yours isn't" kind of thing. No. This equality and lack of compassion for equality issue is based on progressive urban lifestyles verses rural, conservative America. This idea that small town lifestyle and beliefs are how this country has always been and should always be is outdated. And it's always been this way. It's just that now a crazed man by the name of Donald Trump stepped forward with such a brash manner of speaking out against minorities, that those in rural, conservative America now feel validated to do the very same thing. It's terrifying. That's the true terror in this nation. Not ISIS. ISIS is ultimately a joke compared to the violence and abuse that takes place within our own borders. It's depressingly sad. And I'm sick of it.

If you want proof of this, it's super easy to find. Just look at any election map that displays a county by county, red/blue result. All of your major city hubs voted liberally and progressively, while "small town USA" voted conservatively. Look at Arkansas! Pulaski County (where Little Rock is located) is a screeching blue mark upon a sea of red conservatism. City life, where multitudes of culturally diverse peoples live, maintain a fairly progressive state-of-mind. It's wonderful having such accepting attitudes surrounding you in a city!
Each of those blue areas within each state contains an urban populace of voters. The main exception being counties that run along the southern Mississippi River in the delta region of the South — those are low income, primarily black families that understand the dominance of unrelenting, regressive Republican politics. All of that red makes the United States out to be an overwhelmingly conservative nation...but it's not proportional to the majority view of population. Those are small towns, sparsely populated across the land. (**updated map)
But you voted for it. You voted for it loudly and clearly (through a broken system, of course.) Congrats, America. Congratulations, indeed. The Donald is not my president. Sorry. He doesn't and will never speak on behalf of me.

Drop all of this intolerance-based, social conservative, asinine shit and just do one simple thing for a change...

Be good. Do good. And fucking LOVE each other. It's easy.
Also, here's a picture of Zachary and me. It makes me happy. And it should make you happy, too. LOVE! <3

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