Master Strange *EOTWP*

05 November

Week 92
I'm in love.

Errr....well, I have been for quite a while now, as it was super easy to fall in love with such a wonderful guy who treats me with so much respect and appreciation. I adore him. He's my world. We have incredibly great chemistry with one another, and as I said last week, I get celestial stars in my eyes upon seeing him...each and every time.

Last night, Zach and I had quite the tasty dinner going out to eat, and we took on seeing Doctor Strange during opening weekend. I had a wonderful time, despite being super tired from work (I yawned so much during the movie!) I'm sure Zachary did as well. We both enjoyed the movie immensely, and I do highly recommend going to see it in theatres. The special effects were crazy!
Zach and I at his apartment before heading out for the movie!
Earlier in the week, work was super slow. Ugh. It picked up fairly well on Thursday, and today was just exhausting. The first half of my day was exceptionally busy. I don't mind, though, as I really enjoy my day speeding along like that. And I really feel like I'm starting to make some good connections with customers at work regarding my abilities and knowledge with the decor department. It's been fun. TELL NO ONE.
I've come a long, long way.
You know what I really love and makes me feel quite appreciated? Random people messaging me, checking in on me to see how everything's going regarding life, my transition, and living in Little's a great feeling. A warm feeling. I love it. It doesn't happen every day, but that every once in a while chiming in from a friend really makes my day — my week, even!

Do you know what's sad, though?

I wish my family cared enough to do this. (I had a five paragraph long piece written out about this, but I decided to shorten it to the statement before.)

I'm kind of in an emotional state regarding this right now. I mean, my dad's voting for Trump, so that basically says, "I hate you." I haven't heard from my sister since April of 2015 (and even that was in revolt against who I am.) It's the holidays, you guys. It's filling me up with dejection and lamenting over the fact. I wish I could just grab them all by the heads and shake them fanatically until some logical sense filled their critical thinking capacity. But that's not how it works. This is on them. They have to be the ones who come to that realisation that their words and actions are the real killer.
He's so charming. <3
I am incredibly thankful for you lot who do actually care, though. Thank you. I'm thrilled to have such a loving and supportive boyfriend in Zach who cares like he does. I'm happy to have the wonderful new family of friends that I have in Ruth, Phillip, and the rest of my accepting friends throughout the state and country. (And world, even! I'm looking at you, Beth! Hehe.)
How's the saying go? Grow, boobies, grow! :P
Be good, do good. Love. (Seriously, this isn't just a phrase I use.) Next week! <3

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