I'm So Cranberry *EOTWP*

26 November

Week 95
Ah, yes. The holiday season is now upon us. It excites me so, and it fills me with me wonder and glee. It's that time of year I get all emotional, all over again. Of course you know why.

As an atheist, I get asked every now and then, "why do you even celebrate Christmas then?" Easy. It's a conglomeration of pagan rituals and expressions anyway, so I just take out the religious stuff and focus on what matters most — showcasing love and appreciation toward friends and family that truly care by way of gifts, cards, hugs, conversation, etc.

Christmas tree. Cat tree. It makes sense.
Christmas is easy...well, not financially speaking...as gift-giving can create a major ache in my wallet. But the "reason for the season" is easily created by coming together with those that show and offer support, acceptance, and a truly unconditionally loving and understanding heart. It's about friends. About family. And that doesn't have to be blood-related family either.

Now Thanksgiving...oh, goodness. Do I ever love Thanksgiving. Yes yes. It's a combination of what I just wrote about and the one thing my tummy especially loves...food! Hehe.

Turkey Day was fun this year, as we ventured over to the Steck's home in North Little Rock for wonderful food, socialising, Serenity, and kitty belly rubs. Serenity, not the outstanding film, but the band. Yes, blame Zach. He loves them. LOLs.
Zach and I getting ready to leave for the Thanksgiving gathering. I loved my outfit so much!

After eating our scrumptious meal, Zachary and I wanted to just sit and relax, so we found a big sectional couch and totally made out discovered a kitty named Patches lying nearby. Patches is super sweet and lovey. And yes, Zach made a new friend out of him. :P He crawled up into my lap to drool on me and add a bit of furry flair to my outfit. That's what I get for loving cats so much. Go figure.
I caught Jen taking photos, so I had to comply. (Apparently Phillip did, too.) :P
(photo courtesy of Jennifer S.)
The four of us eventually came home after several hours (Ruth and Phillip, yes), and Zach and I just lounged around my bedroom playing video games until we both were too tired. It was a fun night, and I love spending my time with that sweet boy. Zach means the world to me, and I'm sure he knows that. <3
It's Patches! He's so sweet. Zach seemed to take to him really well.
(photo courtesy of Jennifer S.)
Black Friday at work actually wasn't too bad either. My day went by so quickly, and I was selling so much stuff all over the place. I probably did about $6,000 in appliance sales! Woohoo! Hopefully I can resume my normal workflow quickly. My department is so low on stock right now. Goodness.
We'll let the boobies do the talking.
So, if you need some blinds or shades, come visit me! If you need a hug or support, come see me, too! I accept all! Hehe. Until next week...

Be good, do good! Love! Happy Thanksgiving, loves! *gobble gobble*
Also, we met up with Wendell and Sarah this past Sunday evening for dinner at Samurai. It was so good! My "Blue Ocean" drink especially was. Hehe.

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