Skirting Away *EOTWP*

21 October

Week 90
Pacific northwest. No no, I'm not going anywhere just yet. I've been daydreaming quite a bit lately of that area of the country...and what it would be like to live in such a progressive part of the nation.

This election has me down in spirits — not because of the possibility of Trump winning at this point (hahahahahahaha), but more so because the kind of people who associate with his viewpoints are going to run rampant with hate vitriol and discriminatory measures no matter who wins this contest (it will be Hillary.) And those kinds of people exist in an insane majority here in the South (such as my father, for example.) I really don't want to be around it when their culture explodes and they realise they've been defeated. The magnitude in which patriarchy, misogyny, homophobia, racism, and transmisogyny will be amplified is more than likely going to be too much for me to bear. :(

I just want to run away, hand-in-hand, with the love of my life and get out of Dodge, so to speak. It isn't going to be pretty. Count on it.

Yeah yeah, it probably sounds like I'm being a bit over-dramatic like I was in days long gone in my previous life, but have you lot honestly heard some of the shit coming out of the mouths of vapid Trump supporters? It's like we've entered back into the realm of 1950s racism and patriarchy. Ugh. No thank you. No thank you at all.
I SHRUNK! Wow. Keep it up, boobs and hips. Keep it up.
Aside from today, work has been incredibly slow this week in my department. I'm really coming to form now running the decor area, and I'm enjoying doing what I do. It's fun. (Don't tell anyone I said that. LOLs.) I really want that kitchen and bath designer spot, though...
When I'm excited, yet intrigued...this is what you get. LOLs
I wanted to go to the state fair this year. But it looks like I won't be able to during appropriate hours because of my work schedule (see, HD! This new scheduling isn't making it any easier to plan events in my life. It's making it worse!) Zach and I attempted going Thursday night after I got off work, but it was just too late to really enjoy being able to take it all in. Ugh. Instead, we opted for a quick trip to Park Plaza (he's never been) and then dinner at La Hacienda (always a fave.) Honestly, as long as I'm with that boy, I'm satisfied. <3
I LOVE this outfit so much. <3 <3 <3 (Also, Zachary is adorable.) favourite gaming console maker unveiled their new upcoming home console/hybrid handheld yesterday — the Nintendo Switch. I'm far, far too excited for this thing. I think what excites me most is that I'll be able to take it with me in my purse everywhere I go. And when I get home? Pick back up right at the point I left off while playing it on the go. And finally, Nintendo have chosen wisely to go back to having powerful tech inside. Yay! The new Mario game already looks outstanding, and I'm itching to see what projects developers all over the world bring to the console. Nintendo very well could be back in the game (pardon the pun) when it comes to the home console market. :)
Nintendo Switch!
Until next good, do!

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