No Pants Party *EOTWP*

30 September

Week 87
My new pants arrived in the mail today! I'm so excited. They're a sweet mint coloured skinny jean, and I am all too excited about wearing them. Now...if only the peplum top I ordered would arrive today as well...then I'd have a totally new outfit to wear for work tomorrow. :) Be patient, Anna. Be patient.
I love skinny jeans so much. Like, for realsies.
Speaking of pants, Zachary loves when I wear my compression workout pants. But seriously, what guy doesn't like a girl in compression or yoga pants? LOLs. Today, I wore them out to go walking with Zach at the Big Dam Bridge. This bridge, for those of you unaware with Arkansas attractions or touristy things, is a pedestrian bridge that crosses over the Arkansas River in west Little Rock near the I-430 bridge. Looking westward, one can see Pinnacle Moutain, and it's such a wonderful view.
It was breezy today! It felt so good now that we're getting cooler temps in Little Rock.
But anyhow, yes, Zach and I went walking once again. I love going out there with him, and I really hope that's something he and I can keep doing as a couple as it's good for our health. I just need to get this boy some running shoes and shorts. :P We walked for almost an hour...doing about 2.5 miles over the bridge and back. It was such a nice, partly cloudy day outside, too. There was a really nice breeze once you reached the main part of the bridge, and hearing the sounds from the rolling water really puts one at ease.

<(left: Zach really likes my bum.) :)

I'm not sure how I really feel about my new work schedule now. I'm being forced into mid-shift because I'm the only full-time associate in my department, and despite corporate telling me that I have a "consistent schedule" now, it really isn't consistent. My days off are still very random, and now, our schedules are being created three to four weeks off in the distance...making it even more difficult to schedule events in my life. I'm not a fan, and I've already voiced my displeasure to HR about it. Life should never have to revolve around work. It should totally be the other way around. I'm not happy.
Growth is slow, but I'm happy it's happening. Patience is key.
In more positive news, I finally got to meet Stephanie this past week! OMG, I was so excited to finally hug her neck. Now I just need to get together with both her and Lynn and have a total girls' night and just unwind. I need that.
Yay for Stephanie! <3 <3 <3
It's almost one year now since I lost T.C. so suddenly, and I'm not really sure I'm prepared for it. I still feel strange not having him with me or comforting me, and I miss him dearly. :(
My baby. <3
Gotta go get ready for my date tonight...or else I'm gonna start crying again. Be good, do good. Love.

UPDATE: Back from the latter part of the date. Zach and I went to go eat a burger and then went to the cinema to watch Sully. Incredibly good movie. Tom Hanks is just wonderful. Also, a HUGE thank you to Ruth for giving me a Christmas gift early (that I totally didn't ask for early). The dress you see in the photo above was a gift from her, and she badly wanted me to wear it while there's still time before it gets too cold. The colour is just lovely, and I adore halter top stuff. Thank you, Ruth. <3

(right: I seriously love this boy. He is so sweet to me.)>

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