In the Face of Fear *EOTWP*

07 October

Week 88
Every day...every day, I worry that someone somewhere, in my travels throughout the course of a day, is going to gauge or clock me as trans. And I worry that this person who does so isn't someone who carries hate in their heart toward transgender individuals. Yes, even today, after almost two years of hormone therapy that have immensely changed and feminised my body to the point that the majority of folks can't tell what I was biologically born with, I still fear that someone will take negatively to me. It's embedded in my psyche. I do live in the buckle of the bible belt, after all.

That's not the kind of world that we, as human beings, should be living in.
Sorry, not sorry, Repubs. You can't keep this girl from using the women's restroom. #IJustNeedToPee #AndMaybeTakeASelfie
The state that I currently live in is preparing legislation next year, created by social conservative Republicans, of course, that will prohibit transgender people from using the restroom in which they appropriate themselves. Of course, I know companies such as Target and my place of employment will stand against this legislation. I'm proud of the company I work for in that regard. But in a more near term, the possibility of a Trump/Pence presidency more so scares the living shit out of me. Why?

The RNC doesn't want Trump. They want Pence. Mike Pence is the guy that is most befitting in which the RNC have moulded their social and political prerogative — a religiously infused, discriminatory one with a mighty hand in the military industrial complex that our country is so erect for.

The possibility of Trump getting elected because of highly uneducated, dimwitted, ignorant weed tarts who fear positive, social change is quite high. And if that happens...I'd say the chances of Donald getting assassinated by his own party are just as equally high. This would then put Pence in charge. And do you understand what kind of legislation this man has already brought forth in Indiana as its governor?

Pence is an incredibly anti-LGBTN politician. The state of Indiana isn't a kind one to live in if you're trans, non-binary, or homosexual. And having him in charge of our nation with the ability to elect Supreme Court judges? That's terrifying to say the least. This nation would go into social regression for the next 40 to 50 years. The rest of my lifetime would be utter misery and filled with fear as I continue to try to live amongst all of the hate and discriminatory legislation.

So this can't happen. We must not let it happen.


*ahem* I have today off from well as yesterday, too. It's been nice so far. Relaxation is a wonderful thing. We work too much in this country. Seriously.
From happy. It's easy to see. <3
To my surprise, yesterday, I received a package in the mail once again from a good friend of mine, Krissy. She sent me a couple of dresses, tops, a sweater, and a few other items that I absolutely love. Thank you so much, Krissy! It means so much to me. <3 I immediately put on one of the tops and wore it for the rest of the day. It was too cute on me! :P
So cute! <3
I went out after freshening up, and stopped by my previous job at Old Navy to look at their new autumn clothes and to visit with previous co-workers. Stacy was a joy to see once again, as I really enjoyed working for her. And Sha'Veda...oh my goodness, that girl has changed so much! <3 Keep up the great work, girl. Seriously. I got to say hello to Maegun, too! It all made my day better.
Lose weight, lose hips. :/
My student loan repayment plan has been recalculated now that I'm working full-time. Ugh. No more deferred payments. This will put a serious dent in my bill paying toward actual bills that matter. :(

You know what I love? Kittens. And hugs. And logic. Zachary. And pretty dresses. Sparkly things. And compassion. The world needs more of these things. Wait wait...let me rephrase that, as there's already lots of that in this world. The world needs less/no war, famine, religion, unacceptance, and conditional love. There...that's better.

Be good, do good. Love! See ya next week. <3

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