Heavy Sick *EOTWP*

16 September

Week 85
I have a cold. I'm not exactly sure how I obtained this cold, but I have a slight idea of who gave it to me. (No, Ruth, it wasn't you.)

I'm coughing, wheezing, sniffling, and sneezing...and I loathe all of it. Zachary kept me company on my day off on Tuesday, and it was wonderful. He watched me play lots of a new game I've immersed myself in lately — The Last Story. I enjoyed the entirety of the day...despite being sick. He made it all the better. <3
He's so sweet to me. :)
I feel weak, but I've still got two days to go at work before I'm off for two days in a row. I'm SO looking forward to those two days. I need them now.

This weight gain is bothering me. It seems, ever since two months ago when I switched to taking all of my meds in the morning (instead of split in the day and night), that my metabolism has gone all bonkers crazy. My appetite feels the same as usual, but I'm noticing extra gains in the tummy area. Granted, I am enjoying it positively affecting my hips, butt, and boobs...but ugh, why the tummy?? In the lead-in to summer beginning, I weighed in the lower 150s, and now I seem to be stuck in the lower 160s. *le sigh*
My thighs are drastically bigger than before HRT. It's crazy. But I love it.
"But Anna, women tend to have more body fat than men. Shut the hell up." While statistically true, yes, women have about 25 percent body fat compared to men at 15 percent...I guess I'm having a difficult time mentally adjusting to it. *le sigh again*

*cough cough*

Work is still continuing to go well since moving to a new department. We're like, way up in sales and stuffs. LOLs. Blame it on my organisational skills and tenacity for perfectionism. That's me. Also, Tai is a super duper great salesperson. She's been killing it lately. Kudos to her. :)

Until next week...be good, do good! Love! <3
Kitty love!

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