Earthbound *EOTWP*

02 September

Week 83
We are tiny, microscopic living creatures that exist in the vastness that is the observable universe. It's truly incredible, if you stop to really thoughtfully and logically think about it. And in recent news, the SETI institute have unveiled they've discovered a very strong signal coming from a source deep within space — about 95 light years from Earth, to be specific.

This is highly fascinating and interesting, because if proof of a possible advanced civilisation actually existing in space is discovered, it completely shatters, nulls, and voids every aspect that is Christianity and other Abrahamic religions and the bible. Explicitly, the bible proclaims that the only life that exists in this universe (or "the heavens above," as the bible lovingly describes it), lives right here on this planet. So you can bet that this girl is fairly excited about the possibility of this signal and the type of civilisation it could be coming from. If it's even coming from something such as that. Gotta keep an open-mind. :)

To harness that kind of power to send a signal into space, it would take an enormous amount of energy compiled from a nearby star. According to the article linked above, this kind of civilisation would have a social structure that is completely globalised and interconnected — unlike what exists on our own planet. (We're interconnected, but so far away from having a globalised social structure.) We have the means to harness our nearby star's power, too. We do this with solar panels that capture the sun's energy. But because of our capitalistic mindset and corporately controlled infrastructure, using such energy as a means to power our planet in a limitless manner will possibly never occur. Our planet currently runs on money, not the sun's energy. It's quite sad. Blame conservatives who are bought and paid for by corporations — they fear scientific facts and theories and positive change.

But anyhoo, it's quite exciting! Onward!
So many freckles.
I'm trying to get as much pool time and sun (lookie what I did there) as I can before it closes next week. My colour fades way too fast for my liking, so I'm taking all I can. Damn you, my lack of melanin! Wednesday, despite the spotty rainy parts, I was able to take in some rays, and Saturday I'm off, too. So, I might get some there! Zach and I are going to an "end of the summer" party over at a friend's place, and I'm sure there will be swimming there, too. I'm looking forward to it.

Boobs. Here we go...
Ever so slightly as each month passes, more breast tissue is developing on the top and sides (near the underarm). 
Boobies everywhere! <3
Space to boobs to ... video games? Yup. My name's Anna, and I am a gamer. I'm getting a bit antsy and anxious now concerning Nintendo's soon to be unveiling of their upcoming "NX" console. I've always loved new console announcements, and this one is no different for me from previous. I'm super excited to see what they've been planning, and I hope it has a concept somewhere in it that's new to video games while keeping other parts true to what they've always been about — solid gameplay and control, fun art styles, and engaging and creative characters. It's why I love Nintendo more than any other game company. They do it best. Always have. <3

I suppose that's it for this quite nerdy and geek-filled blog entry. LOLs. I'll be back next week. You lot be good, and do good. Love and make each other smile. See ya!

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