Decorative Ears *EOTWP*

23 September

Week 86
I've been sick this past week, and it hasn't been fun.

Last Friday, I left work about an hour and a half before my shift was over because I started feeling super weak. My sinuses had already begun draining fairly quickly. Saturday morning, in which I was scheduled to come in at 8 a.m., I ended up calling in on because of continued illness. And I had a store meeting to attend early Sunday was mandatory for all employees (unless you had a valid excuse to miss.) But I came. And I was still sick. But I was happy to be able to see Zach at the work party. That made me mentally feel a bit better. Love him. I went home immediately to rest after the meeting had finished.
Bust and hips! Hooray!
And I was off Monday, too, which was great as I needed the rest badly. But I didn't really rest. I stayed up and around, and I really wish I would have just slept. Because Tuesday happened. On Tuesday, I attempted going to work...even though I still felt shitty. A big ball of mucus-y nonsense...that was me on Tuesday. I was helping a customer with a custom order, one that I was quite happy about setting up because it was worth a lot, and my voice started rasping and my throat was itching insanely bad. The customer noticed tears falling from my eyes. "Go get some water, dear, go get some water. It's okay!" I ran to the bathroom, coughed up what seemed to be all of my lungs, and I started crying. I came back out and attempted interacting with her and her husband once more to make this sale, and it happened again. And another time after that. My communication had come to a standstill.

So I told my department supervisor, with tears coming down from my eyes from the itchiness, that I can't do this today, and he was totally understanding. "You don't need to be here. Go home, get some rest, Anna. I'll take care of it." And so I did after only two hours of being at work. I rushed home. Slept for about four hours, and then my wonderful boyfriend showed up to tend to and comfort me. Did I mention how much I love him?
Our serious faces. I think they're serious faces anyway. :P
The rest apparently helped, too. Later that night I felt the tiniest bit better. And Wednesday at work was much more feasible for me. I was finally fully recovering. Oh, how I hate getting sick. Of one enjoys getting sick. LOLs. And that's what brings me to this statement...

This is two years in a row now that I've gotten a bad cold/sinus issues. Before hormones, I'd get sick maybe, oh...once every four years or so? Yeah, about that often. My immune system seems to have lessened a bit since starting HRT. :/
This is Ericka. Ericka is awesome. Be like Ericka. <3
But I had Mexican food last night and got fairly drunk. So all is well. Except for the terrible headache I achieved from the margaritas I consumed. That wasn't fun. Once we got home, Zach massaged my head while lying in his arms...which caused me to fall asleep. I mentioned it, right? That I love him dearly? Yup.

Oh, and I finally took out my placeholder ear piercing studs and put in actual earrings. Yay! It's been about six weeks now, and I figured that was about enough time to let them heal properly. This makes me super happy. No longer do I have to be jealous of cis girls who get to wear pretty jewellery from their ears. :)
Pretty! <3
Ruth and I had delicious Chinese food earlier from a restaurant just down the road that we're crazy about called Fantastic China. It's super yummy, and now my tummy is full. I suppose I'll go lie down in my bed now and browse the Twitters.

Next week. Be good, do good! Love! <3 

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