Changing Cosplay Pixels *EOTWP*

09 September

Week 84
My phone is dying. Err...nothing is really wrong with the software/firmware side of my Nexus phone, but mechanically, it's beginning to fail.

When I try to short press the power button to wake it, it vibrates and acts like it's about to run through its powering off process. It gets quite annoying. Doing this over and over until I can get it to stabilise drains the battery fairly quickly — and the Nexus 5's battery isn't that great to begin with. Ugh. Basically, I'm ready for a new phone. I hear Google is readying a "Pixel" device of some sort for the autumn...
My hair is getting so thick! <3
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So, help me out. I'm indecisive when it comes to picking out a cosplay for Halloween. Ask Ruth, she knows. :P  It takes forever for me to finally give an okay on one. With this poll, I threw some extra choices in there for giggles (as they would require a TON of crafting work — and I am nowhere near that skilled), but the major choices are up there at least. Have fun helping me decide. And thanks. :)
Last year's Babydoll cosplay! Oh, how I've changed.
If some of you remember, last year I went as Babydoll from the film, Sucker Punch. And I had a really great time at the party I ventured out to as well. I hope for more of the same this year!

I'm adjusting to my new role at work fairly well now. My co-worker and I have been kicking some serious bootay the last couple of weeks, and our department is up quite a bit in sales overall. So that's good. Tai is really fun to work alongside, too.
I loves this boy. <3
And Zach! Oh, goodness, I feel like I haven't spoken as much about him in my blog these last few blog entries, but things are going well with him. I love that boy so much. And he's so wonderfully sweet to me. I feel like I've struck gold...or something equally grand. <3

Have you lot noticed since earlier this year that the majority of my blog entries are becoming less and less about my physical and mental developments (aside from the stats progression that I include every two weeks) and more about the world around me? I figured this would eventually that's the sole reason why I titled the very website you're reading, All Around Sarail. Basically, I've settled into this new life of mine quite well now. I have confidence through the roof — a trait I never carried or knew how to carry before HRT changed my life.
Growth in bust and hips...that's what we want to see! DO YOUR WAIST TRAINING, ANNA. Grrrrrr.
Every aspect and trait I knew long ago that should have been in my life...I'm now carrying out naturally in my everyday life. Living an authentic and genuine life as the woman I always knew I should be has come so easily — though there were environmental and societal blockades in the beginning. But as far as the internal/external changes...yup, I can't get over how well I was able to adapt myself in this world as who I truly am. I love it. I giggle at myself in the mirror almost every morning. Bliss and euphoria instantly fill any void that sadness might have overtaken originally.
Happy girl. :)
Continuing forward, you'll keep seeing that metamorphosis in my content. Yes, I'll keep doing the weekly progression, the bi-weekly statistics, and the monthly breast development photos, but the emphasis on my blog will be concerned with the world around me. Whether it's about exciting happenings with the boyfriend, crazy moments with the roommate, places I travel to, or just anything else all around...I'll be unwavering in processing my thoughts down into this blog. (No worries, I won't forget about any physical or mental changes that occur in the future...when they do.)

Life is here, and I love it.

Be good, do good! And love! <3

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