The Metroid Queen *EOTWP*

19 August

Week 81
I've mentioned my love for video games in the past (I mean, hey, it's in my bio on the sidebar), and I have come to notice that in syncing my body with the correct hormones, video games are quite a bit more stressful for me to experience.

Not that this is a bad thing, honestly. The intensity level is turned up immensely now. I stay more on edge when playing. I get startled at sudden in-game occurrences, and I tremble leading up to moments that, inside my head, I gauge as imminent intensity.

In actuality, this makes video games far more exciting for me to play now. I recognised this trait this past week during my two days off from work. Late Monday night into Tuesday and Wednesday (the days I had off), I set out on my journey playing the new Metroid 2 remake that was released on PC recently. It's a fan-inspired game based on the original Metroid 2: Return of Samus game for the old, greyscale GameBoy. This remake is titled AM2R: Return of Samus. (AM2R is an acronym for "Another Metroid 2 Remake.") Super Metroid, to this day, is still one of my favourite games, and I knew going in that I was going to fall in love with this one. (I'd been following its development for a long time.)

Anyhoo, enough prefacing.
What a wonderful remake. Kudos to the team that made this happen.
My hand/eye coordination skills have apparently improved since beginning my transition, and this is probably due to me feeling and becoming more calm. My nerves are no longer shot, and my hands do not slightly tremble anymore from the previous physical state I was trapped in. The feeling this creates while playing is incredible. Navigating my way through the Metroid homeworld of SR-388 was quite strange of a description as that sounds. Hah.

Now, though, it's the game that makes me it should be. This creates a more proper state of mind that induces anxiety while playing. Before transitioning, aggression ruled the realm, and my thought process and response while playing consisted of how great an explosion, dealing damage, or how hard a hit made me feel inside. That's no longer the case. That stuff brings about cringe-inducing moments now. Some can even make my stomach feel like it's bottoming out. I think it's why I have an even greater appreciation for Nintendo's more colourful games that include characters like Mario and Kirby.

When I complete a grandiose, successful moment such as cel-shaded Link driving a sword into Ganondorf's skull in The Wind Waker, or landing that final shot that destroys Mizar for good in Jet Force Gemini, it doesn't invoke aggressive celebration. Now, it's more a sense of subdued accomplishment while letting the intensity filter itself out. It's like little bits of exhaustion whispering away. This happened Wednesday while playing AM2R. Each Metroid that I encountered, each Metroid evolution I met and bravely fought off, and triumphantly beating the Queen Metroid all brought about these new emotions.
She was a fun, final boss! <3
I couldn't imagine playing the new upcoming Resident Evil game. The fear that I'm sure it would induce in me would be beyond incredible.

Not bad for a first play-through. 92%... *scoff* :P
I even enjoy watching others play games now, too. I kind of always have, but more so because the feeling of not having control over what's happening on screen draws that intensity in tenfold. I noticed this a couple of months ago while watching Zach play Final Fantasy XIII while over at his place. It's like watching an intense film now!

Speaking of, and I'm sure this will make Zachary giggle, we watched 10 Cloverfield Lane the other night while he was over, and I latched onto him so many times while watching. The heightened sense of insecurity that scenarios such as that film bring out in me is surreal. It's such a new feeling and emotion. And I love it. Also, Mary Elizabeth Winstead was exceptional. Ramona Flowers! <3

Until next good, do good! Love!
I love this guy! <3

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