I'd Like You to Meet... *EOTWP*

05 August

Week 79
...Zach. :)
D'aawwwww. He's so cute. <3
Zachary, as I lovingly call him, is who I've been vague-blogging about in past blog entries. I love him. I adore him. He's such a wonderful man and a kind-hearted human being. I'm happy that I stumbled upon him, and I'm not giving him up for anything. NO. You cannot have him. Sorry, not sorry.

We met at work, and for three months, we flirted back and forth every time we were in contact with each other. Then one night during a closing shift, both he and I were in the break room, and I let my feelings and thoughts about him be known. It was mutual in response, but he hesitated at first because of our specific work situation. About one week later, he walked me out to my car...where he then asked me out on our first date. <3 It was incredibly adorable, and a bit dorky, but oh so adorable. And I loved every second of it. I had been waiting for that moment to happen my entire life, and I'm so thrilled and happy that it was Zach who made it so.
Pool time! <3
I'm so very ecstatic that he couldn't wait any longer. I mean, why in the world would any guy pass this girl up?? :P

So, this upcoming Tuesday looks to be another trip to Magic Springs. Ruth and I were planning to go this past Tuesday, but other scheduled events took over the day. So we took on some pool time in its stead. I'm totally looking forward to going back, and I will most certainly be riding all of the other rides I didn't get to last time we were there. I'm excited.

You lot already know how the boobs thing goes down. Front, side, and group. Let's do it.
Hehehe...tan lines. ;)
The curvature at the top is really starting to fill in now. Quite happy about that. :)
Since dropping progesterone and taking my full dosage all in the morning, I'm noticing changes are happening ever so slightly quicker. I'll take it. I can definitely tell and feel it in the boob department. It all makes me super happy. Like I say, "grow, boobies, grow!" It is making me crazy hungry all the time now, though. Ugh.

Maaaaaaybe last week's lesson was learnt? (Yes, "learnt". British form, bugger off.) Things seem a bit better these past few days, and said person, I believe, is quite cross at me. Good. You don't talk about my status or my relationship to others without my permission. Actually, don't even do it PERIOD. Got it? Good.

I do love my supportive and accepting friends and family, though. You lot mean the world to me. Thank you for being rad. <3
It's HOT out in the garden centre. Curses to summer! But I like tans and lakes and pools and water parks! Conflictive!
OH! I've landed a new position within the store now. Yup! Starting on the 15th of this month, I begin working in the decor department with another of my fellow front end cashier girls. We're both excited about this move. I enjoy learning all sorts of new duties and skills, and I like taking on new challenges. It should be fun. I hope I can begin some of my new training during the down time next week. That'd help a lot with getting started.

Okee, see ya space cowboy. Be good, do good! Love! <3

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