The Magic Spring *EOTWP*

02 July

Week 74
Tuesday was a really fun and incredibly liberating day for me.

Ruth, Phillip, Sarah and her kids, and I spent the day soaking up the sun and water rides at Magic Springs in Hot Springs. It's about an hour drive outside of Little Rock. I haven't been to Magic Springs since I was age 12 — and in that year, 1994, I went with my family and a friend of mine at the time, Dustin. I remember vomiting from drinking a diet soda after getting off the swings ride. LOLs. There were signs around the park about areas closed off and whatnot, and I just thought they were probably building new rides. The following year, the park shut down. It reopened in 2000.

Enough backstory and reminiscing, though. Tuesday was a blast! I wore a bikini! In public! In front of hundreds and hundreds of other people! That's cray cray. Seriously. There were no awkward stares or glances either. Just a few guys checking me out...according to Ruth. :P
Hello! <3
Seeing the park fully running again, with lots of new rides and attractions, made me happy. Walking throughout the park brought back lots of memories, too, but I kept my past in check and at bay. The Gauntlet rollercoaster was rad, the wave pool was all kinds of relaxing, and Ruth and I got to act like little kids in the Splash Island area. LOLs. And the Chiller Pool, goodness, that shit was COLD. >_< We didn't get to hit up the larger water rides, as a few of us were developing sunburns and, well, were extremely exhausted, but we spent a good four to five hours in the park.

It was such a fun and exciting time for me. Being able to dress accordingly for swimwear based on my gender was surreal. I don't think cisgender folks have a true grasp or understanding of how affecting that can be on a person. As a kid, I always felt half naked being told that I was to wear swim trunks. I would stand around a group of other kids — with girls wearing their gender-specific swim attire — with my arms crossed covering my chest.

This bothered me so much during my summers as a child that I, and I remember this specifically at age 12, would go and sneak away and lock myself in the bathroom with one of the one-piece swimsuits that one of the girls around my age would bring for pool time (my mother used to babysit children of all ages in-home...there were a few girls she kept closer to my age). I'd put it on and just stare at myself in the mirror wondering why I wasn't allowed to wear this in public. It was incredibly disheartening, socially negatively impacting, and life-destroying. But seeing myself in a swimsuit made me feel good about myself. It felt right.
Fun in the sun! <3
That's all said and done, though. It's in the past. I am finally me. And goodness, does it ever feel so wonderfully great. Lil' ol' me skimping around that theme park in my little bikini. Hehe. :) I want to go back. I will go back. Besides, there's more rides to be ridden!
Not many changes in this two-week period. Eh, it happens. Loss of weight causes waistline to slightly trim, yet hips increased by a sixteenth of an inch. :)
My boobs have been tender to the touch again. I'm noticing, especially on my right boob, the areola is getting ever so slightly larger in diameter. This is good. I've been waiting on this for a while now, actually. You guys will see what I'm talking about come next week. ;)

But until then, I'm going to go put some more aloe vera gel on this sunburn of mine. Ouchies. See you lot next week! Be good, do good! Love. <3

Also, happy one-year anniversary of living in Little Rock, Anna. Teehee!

Such a crazy difference! Especially in my chin...oh goodness. Haha, that bra that was just a bit too big for me.:P
(Left: 28 June 2015 / Right: 28 June 2016 — One year later after moving to Little Rock)

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