The Levels *EOTWP*

09 July

Week 75
My gender clinic visit with Dr. Cathey on Tuesday went incredibly well. I feel that the one standout aspect of my life that has changed the most — and is consistently the most noticeable upon each visit to my doctor — is my confidence level. I'm bursting at the seams now with attitude and sass, and my overall demeanour is that of a super friendly and bubbly one. Ask any of my co-workers. They know.
Tuesday's visit to my clinic. I received several compliments on the dress I wore that day. It was super cute!
And I think that it's this that always shines most for Dr. Cathey as well. She's so delighted to see how alive I am in both actions and speech. My posture has changed, facial expressions, the way I move my mouth when speaking, my laugh, and all of the other intricate, little things that make me me...have all changed so drastically. And for the better. :)

I received my blood test lab results back Tuesday night, and my hormone levels are exceptional. Testosterone is still under 30 (which makes me happy, personally), and estrogen had jumped from 700-ish three months ago to slightly over 1,000. I immediately smiled. Dr. Cathey seemed pleased with the results, and in turn, is keeping my hormone dosages the same. Carry on, carry on. Yeah, work. There's a kitchen and bath design specialist position that has opened up, and I feel like I would be a perfect fit for it. My college degree says so. Hah. The woman who currently works there full-time is really nice, and I know I'd get along with her quite well. It's an increase in pay, too. Which...yeah, I so badly need. I think I'm interviewing for it sometime next week. I'm fairly excited. Plus, if I get it, another aspect I've been vague-blogging about can be revealed. :)
Getting my tan on (isn't that what they say?) <3
I got a bit sunburned out at the pool during Tuesday afternoon. I thought I put enough sunscreen on, but I guess I didn't give myself enough time to let it settle into my skin before going out. Yup, got a little toasted under the sun. It seems to have subsided a bit today, and it's turning more into a tan now. So, that's good. I'm gonna go back out tomorrow (since I'm off work), and soak in some more — with proper sunscreen usage, of course. :P
Tan lines. Hah.
Boobs. Yes. They're still growing. They're still tender. My left one (on the right side of each photo) still has some catching up to do. It drives me bonkers. :/
I don't like the lighting for the newest photo. Oh well. There's always next month. :P
And with that, I'll see you guys next week! Be good, do good. Love! <3

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