Down To Forward Plus Hard Punch *EOTWP*

15 July

Week 76
I started a thing.

Since reorganising my finances over the course of a couple of months after landing this new, full-time job working for HD, one aspect I've been trying to make happen is continuing electrolysis treatments. But it just isn't happening. I usually save about 60 to 80 dollars from each paycheck (if possible) for food and petrol for each two week period, and it leaves me with never enough for setting up an electrolysis session. I try, believe it, I try.
Femininity! <3
So I remembered how Ruth set up a funding campaign leading up to my T-Day party, where friends from all over donated as a gift to give me several sessions. This was done using And I'm posting a new link via this site, where you can donate going forward to help me out a little. Obviously, if I happen to land an even better job with greater pay, I will immediately shut down this funding campaign, but until then...if you have it in your heart to help a girl out with an aspect of her that causes immense dysphoria, then please do so. I would greatly appreciate it. $90 has been raised already. That's more than enough for one session to start! I have such incredible friends. I love them all. <3

Moving along. Someone's finally getting some colour. And I love it. I've been spending a bit of time out at the pool at my apartment complex soaking up the sun (don't worry, I know my limits), and I'm beginning to get a tan on. I had to change my foundation makeup. Always aggravating. Grrrr. Oh well. The tan lines are back. And I love them. I'm even going to the lake with Ruth tomorrow, too! Now...which bikini do I wear...? Hehe.
Very slight increases all around. w00t.
I had my interview on Thursday concerning the design specialist position at HD. The interview went fairly smoothly. I was pleased with my responses to all of the questions asked. I really hope I get the spot. That increase in pay will be nice, too. The ASM who handled my interview, at the end said, "As far as I'm concerned, you've got it." This excites me. Better pay, more challenging work opportunities, and being able to work one-on-one with customers is far more appealing to this girl. I welcome it. But I also understand that now it goes to upper management. I hope I'm approved for the position. Plus, I'll get to go to Atlanta for my training! Yay!

I really want to start playing Final Fantasy XIV again. It's driving me crazy not being a part of that world any more. Ugh. Random thoughts.

I moved my bedroom around Wednesday night. I do this every so often, as I like the change, and I feel it keeps life fresh. At my old apartment, I would move things around almost every 10 months. I'm just weird like that. :P

Back to video games...EVO is this weekend! Actually, it's happening NOW! EVO, which is short for the Evolution fighting game tournament, is held in Las Vegas every summer. It's usually one or two weeks after the Awesome Games Done Quick charity marathon. Anyhoo, I LOVE fight games. Street Fighter to Killer Instinct, Guilty Gear to Smash Bros...I love them all. I love watching and listening to the passion and intensity of the crowd in the auditorium as each match goes down. It's fun and exciting! I'll probably watch a bit of it while soaking up the sun at the lake tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. Especially Smash Bros. :)
The crowds go crazy at EVO. I can't wait.
I'll see you lot next week! Be good, do good! Love! <3

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