Basically, Don't Ever Cross a Pisces *EOTWP*

29 July

Week 78

Work. Pool. Work. Pool. Boyfriend. Work. Boyfriend. Pool. Pool. Boyfriend. Lake! Work. And on and on and on...

This has been my life as of late. And I love it. I barely get any sleep anymore, or at least, it feels like it. Haha. But I'm enjoying each and every day. The guy I've been dating for over two months now (and had been getting to know during the three months prior) is just the sweetest and most sincere man I've ever met. He appreciates and loves who I am, and respects all of the aspects that make me who I am (and is super patient, too, I might add.) He's adorably dorky and charming, and he has a quick, logical wit about his humour. I love it. He treats me like a princess. I've always wanted to know and experience what these feelings and expressions were like, and now I have. I don't want it to ever end. He's so kind and just everything I've been looking for in a significant other.
The pool. All day. Er'day. <3
And who is this wonderful boyfriend I have, you might ask? You'll find out in due time. Be patient, young grasshoppers. ;)
Caught a bad guy at work the other day doing some ticket switching. Recovery! (And a fab dress. <3)
Let's talk about trust, okay? (No no, this doesn't have anything to do with the boyfriend.)

I'm really not one to believe in all of that astrological sign mumbo jumbo, but there are quite a few traits of the Pisces sign that do align with who I am. Firstly, I'm as honest, dependable, and caring as they come. I'll be your best friend, but it takes me a bit of time to develop that bond...but when I do, I'm a friend for life. Count on it. I'm also far, far too trusting. This can be a good thing, but also a very careless and faulty one. As for the positive, when you confide and trust in me with intricate and personal problems, ideas, thoughts, situations, etc...know that I keep them locked up in a cerebral safe of sorts in the very depths of the back of my mind. I hold on to them. Why? Because I care about you. It's one detail and trait I have that allows me to develop a bond of friendship with you.

I know SO many things about so many people that I could cause an immense amount of severe social and financial damage. But I don't. I don't because you can trust in me. I've always been this way.

So when someone takes facets of my life that I confide in said person, and then said person decides to share my intricate secrets and past with others...then you're bringing possible harm and danger to my life. No, really. Don't be a shithead. In the workplace, this should be cause for immediate termination. It's harassment and gender discrimination, after all.

I'm a fucking transgender human being. There are people out there in all differing walks of life that might possibly not agree with who I am. And you DO NOT know what kind of deeply held mindset an individual might have upon telling another about who I am. As most know, I'm crazy, super open about my trans status — I love advocating for trans rights, and educating others on what it's like to be transgender is something I'm quite passionate about. And if someone wants to friend me on any of my social media platforms and immediately discovers I'm trans, I have no qualms whatsoever about talking to said person about my status as a human being.

But it is NOT YOUR FUCKING RIGHT to go tell others this first. Understand the situation now? Do you? You're putting me in danger upon doing so. Let ME control that aspect. Not you.
Upgrading the boobs. One day at a time.
With that said, be good, do good. Love! I'll show you guys my boobies next week see you lot next week! <3

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