Ring Around the Wormsie *EOTWP*

18 June

Week 72
I have tinea! Or more commonly referred to as...ringworm. Yay. :/
Probably the worst of the bunch — located on my right shoulder.
It began as two spots on my body — one on my right forearm and the other below my right collarbone. I thought they were acne. Then they really started itching. And stupidly, not knowing what was developing, I began scratching them. So it spread. As of Thursday afternoon (when I started writing this blog entry), I now have 12 ringworm spots. Wonderful. Five are located on my shoulders and upper torso, two on my lower torso, three on the backside of my right thigh, one on the back of my left thigh, and a final one conveniently sitting on the inside portion of my right butt cheek (yay for sitting on furniture in a thong). Awkward. I hate this. Someone please kill it. I want it off of me. I feel beyond gross and disgusting.

AND I'm still feeling my sunburn from late last week. Ugh.
Let's get feminine! FEMININE.
But hey! The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 as most gamers lovingly call it (I consider it my Christmas season...hehe), was held this past week. How about that new Zelda? And Horizon: New Dawn? Those are really the only two games that caught and latched onto my attention...everything else was just more of the same as it always is. It was a good E3, though. Not the best by any means, but a fun one nonetheless.
That new Zelda, yo. Goodness.
Finally, the pool opened up Thursday here at my apartment complex. I'm excited. I would be out there today...but ya know...ringworm. Ugh. I really don't feel like infecting others with this. It's so frustrating.
I'm totally shrinking. This is rad. Also, yay for more increases where it counts! I'm not gonna lie... I <3 my butt.
In other, more important news, I have a gender clinic appointment coming up in a couple of weeks. And it's with a new doctor as well. I'm looking forward to meeting Dr. Racher for the first time, and I'm sure I'll be a delight for her as a patient. I can't wait.

Despite this fungal infection, I'm quite happy. For reasons. Yes, reasons. Good reasons, even. Some of my Little Rock friends and family even know what the reasons are, too. :) Vague-blogging, Anna! STOP THAT. :P

Be good, do good...and love! <3

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