No Place That Far *EOTWP*

11 June

Week 71
If I had to another part of the country to spend the rest of my days living and enjoying life (preferably with my significant other), then it would definitely be somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. I'm not meant to live in the South, and I have always known this. From the backward, conservative way of thinking to the mild, frizzy hair-inducing, humid weather of the delta region to the field of less opportunity in my chosen degree sector, I have always known that I don't belong here.

I've talked about this before in a previous blog post, but I've been thinking about my future quite a bit lately (for very particular, wonderful reasons). :) I suppose this is hitting me hard — to the point of falling — because I'm beginning to lay out a sequence of events in my head pertaining to my future surgery, healing/recovery time, job outlook, and...*ahem*, other affinities. Mind you, it doesn't scare me thinking about my future one bit (hormones have made me super confident, yo!) I've just been doing a lot of thinking about this lately. And it's a good thing. It's a very good thing. :)
Happiness abounds. <3
I'm very comfortable in my job, currently. This is good. The HD is a wonderful company to work for. I love it. It is hectic at times, but I'm good at holding the fort. Quite good. But at this point in my life, at the age of 34, I should be financially making more. I've given so much of myself over the years (over a decade, even!) to retail, it's a bit sad that I've taken a couple of steps back down the ladder of employment progression. Must climb. Always climb higher. Never give up. I really do wish I were in the journalism field, however. Writing is a big love of mine, and I'm good at it. My grandfather (on my mother's side) lived by the notion of figuring out what you love to do most in life and finding a way to make money doing it. I've always kept that tucked away in the back of mind, carrying it with me everywhere I go.

Progression! Let's talk physical.

A situational comparison from the other day really showed me how much my hips have developed. I started this transition with a measurement of 35 inch hips. As of last week's measurement, they're now almost 39 and a half inches. That's crazy to me! And I think it really shows now. Lower tummy tissue is beginning to disperse to my pelvic region as well — in aid, helping develop my hips, too. It all makes me so happy to see. My body is shaping in to what I've always known it should be. <3

My breasts, too, have developed well (though, not as much as I'd have hoped for by this point in my transition.) I began with a 33 inch bust/pec measurement, and I'm sitting at (or slightly bouncing, depending on how you want to look at it...hehe) a 36 and 15/16ths inch bust. Almost four inches! Yay, boobies!

More co-workers are discovering who I am. I'm okay with this as I want to educate and empower the minds of others. But until each occurrence happens with every respective co-worker regarding this, I want to live in stealth without the rest knowing what I came from. It's why I moved to Little Rock and away from all of the hate and bigotry of northeast Arkansas. And I hope any recent additions will respect that and my identity. It's fairly simple to do, after all.
Yes, I'm a bit sun burnt. I swam yesterday. It was fun. :P
I went swimming yesterday, too. As you can see. I got a bit sun burnt. All is good, though. On my way to some nice colour for the summer. :)
Yup yup yup.
Shhhhhh. Don't tell anybody.
Until next week! Be good, do! <3

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