Falling Hard *EOTWP*

05 June

Week 70
I am a happy girl. Probably the happiest I've ever been in my life. No, I know I am. It's true.

It seems I've recovered from my brief collapse at work — where I fainted and fell really hard, waking up in cold sweats being super dizzy and whatnot — and I know now that I passed a kidney stone. Ouch. Please, let's never let that happen ever again. Me not like. Me not like at all. :/

Oh goodness. Lots of good growth in this past two week period. More height shrinkage, yay! A little bit of weight gain, however, which factored in to my waist increase. Ugh.
Work has been going fairly well once more. I've been working a ton of mid shifts these past couple of weeks, and while I prefer opening the store and getting off early, mid shifts don't bother me too much. 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. can die in a fire, however. :P

This past week has been a blur for me. It's been spectacular. I wouldn't change a thing. Like I said...I'm the happiest I've ever been. On Saturday, my Little Rock group of friends got together to celebrate the wonderful Wendell's birthday. We did this with good Mexican food and happy times. Casa Mexicana in North Little Rock/Sherwood was the locale for the event, and yes, their fajita nachos are the bomb dot com. It's true. I even had to have a little help finishing them off. ;) They're so good!

Captain America, X-Men...what's next?! :D

Homer came to visit our store this past Saturday! I asked him if I could get a selfie with him, but his head was far too big for that to work out. Instead, we opted for a co-worker to take this photo. :)
Ooooh! So, you guys. My wonderful friend, Beth, over at celebmix.com, posted an article regarding the HB2 bill that North Carolina recently passed. And in her article, she included a small mini-interview with yours truly. Go check it out! It's an interesting and fun read! Thanks, Beth, for thinking of me! <3

I am SO ready for bikini/swim season. Like, hurry the hell up apartment management and open that damn swimming pool already! Mama wants to swim! She wants some sun! Grrrrrrr!

And finally, I ended tonight by joining Ruth for a birthday get-together at Local Lime here in Little Rock for one of our friends, Matt. Matt's a cool guy, and he's sorta like me...but on the opposite side. He's been a big inspiration since moving to Little Rock and discovering who he was and is. I'm not too sure if he realises that. Hopefully he does now. :) Thanks, Matt. And happy birthday!

Slightly shorter blog entry for this past week, but I have reasons (slightly tipsy, work super early tomorrow). Until next week...be good, do good! LOVE. <3

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