Breath of the Wild *EOTWP*

24 June

Week 73
I'm so flipping happy in life — other than having ringworm (it's clearing up now, thankfully.) Just, know. :)

I'm discovering my rate of pay at HD is only barely meeting the needs of tending to all of my bills and debt. But come later this summer once my deferment period ends on my student loans, I'm gonna slam straight into a brick wall. I'm kind of worried, actually. So, guess who's looking for a better paying job once again? Yours truly...this girl right here. That's not the only factor for wanting and needing better pay. I can't afford extra electrolysis treatments now that the funds have run out from my wonderful T-day gift from my friends. I don't trust my car to last too much longer, and being able to take care of myself is a top priority. I always have in the past, and it's bothersome for me to know I have to rely on others just to live. Life shouldn't be that way. I work hard. I fend for myself. I always have.
Mama wants. Mama needs a new job in order to do so. Preferably one in her degree field. Because mama's current auto isn't going to last too much longer. :/ (Above: 2016 Honda Civic Coupe EX-T)
I had a customer on Thursday who, while working the returns desk, kept calling me "sir." During the entire transaction, this man kept responding to all of my questions and statements with "yes, sir," "alright, sir," and "okay, sir." I honestly believe there are people out there who are so engaged in societal black and white norms, that even with all of the incredible changes that have taken place in me...appearance and mannerisms...they still can tell what I, biologically, was born as. It hurt hearing his replies. I knew he was being an asshole to me with the straightest face possible. And he didn't care. I couldn't believe my ears. Because there is nothing about my outward appearance, voice, physical stature, gestures, etc. that says male. NOTHING. I am all woman, dammit.
This was the top half of my attire (and makeup) that I wore to work on Thursday. That customer was out of his bloody mind!
Oh! I got to see the lovely Betty at work during my shift on Wednesday (I think it was Wednesday, right, Betty?) That was great. It's always a highlight of my day when I get to see a Little Rock friend make their way into my place of work...or just out and about anywhere, I suppose. :)

As for global news, I am seriously distraught that the U.K. voted to leave the European Union. What is it with all of the xenophobia lately? This older generation of people need to lose their tightly clenched hold on this world and quickly realise that the future doesn't belong to them any more. They've had their run, and they've ruined it for the rest of us by remaining briskly proactive on conservative ideals. I feel bad for my friend, Beth. This affects her. It's probably going to affect all of us, actually. I'm so sorry, Beth. :/ You're not alone, though. America is just as xenophobic. Trump wants to put up a wall, after all. And he has millions upon millions of people that stringently agree with him. It's beyond sad and disheartening. *sigh*
Gigi awoke to hear the unfortunate news about the U.K. leaving. Exactly, Gigi. Exactly.
I started playing Zelda again! (Thus, the title of this blog entry.) Specifically, the HD version of Wind Waker on the Wii U. It's very my attention to detail in-game and how different aspects of a game affect me in such a contrasting manner after being on hormones for so long. Before, there was so much aggression. So killing hordes of bad guys gave me this punch in the gut of adrenaline to ease my mind. Now, I don't feel that anymore. I get tense and filled with anxiety when situations like that occur in-game. I startle much more easily now. Vivid colours and expressive animation are that much more enticing for me (not that I cared about uber realism in games before HRT.) Since hormones have calmed me greatly, my touch response in pressing buttons is immensely sharper — I used to be so on edge playing a game, that I'd slip and press a button too soon or with less precision. That's not the case any more. Games are more enjoyable now. (Someone buy me Twilight Princess HD, please? Haha.)
Chibi Link is SO adorable! ^_^
Until next good, do good. Love! <3

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