The Sting *EOTWP*

06 May

Week 66
Hello. How are you?
On Wednesday, I had my last paid-for electrolysis session. It went well. There was much less stinging pain this time around due to me using a bit more lidocaine on my jawline. I had used some last time, but apparently didn't use enough. With each session, it's becoming so much more noticeable how clear my skin is smoothing over. This fills me with so much glee and happiness. I'm going to set up another session two weeks from now, and then any after that will fall once every month (because finances, ugh)...until every single bit of this nastiness is eliminated and gone.
I mean, seriously. Look. This is amazing. It's gone. It's really going away. <3
I feel like my bras are getting tighter. I'm not sure if it's my developing breasts, or if it's from weight gain that's not boob weight. Yes, boob weight. Anyhow, it's annoying yet kind of exciting. Bigger breasts! Yay! (Or not, blah.) It all makes me more inclined to start waist training very, very soon. I really need to begin this.
Very, very strange stats update for the two week period. I've shrunk! Yay! But only barely. I've also lost a few pounds, and in turn, lost gains made in hips, but yet my waist increased. Breasts seem to be developing ever so slightly in one month increments now. But hey, I'll take what I can.
I'm still struggling financially. I hate this feeling. I despise it. Even after landing this comfy new job and sorting out credit/student loan/other debt issues from spiralling even further into dismay, I'm discovering that my rate of pay still isn't truly enough to cover enough ground going forward. I mean, I'm super thankful my job's health insurance benefits cover a wide range of transgender needs, but the endnote that's dispersed into my pink wallet doesn't add up to cover my main financial irritations.

And today is my wonderful roommate and sister, Ruth's birthday. And I have zero monies to go out and celebrate with her (I'm in the red right now, actually....eeek.) I was able to get her a birthday gift, but I want to be able to do so much more for her (and others, too!) But I can't. I'm still stuck. I still need a better paying job. I'm still frustrated as hell about Hobby Lobby not granting me that transfer to Little Rock.

My department's supervisor at HD makes less than what I made at Hob Lob. That's sad. He works his ass off, and deals with far more people than I do on a daily basis (primarily upper management). When I told him my Hob Lob rate of pay recently, I could see the slight distaste building in his facial expression. I know the feels.

Don't get me wrong, however. HD is an absolutely wonderful company to work for. Being LGBT inclusive is all I could ever ask for after my time with Hobby Lobby. But the pay definitely needs to improve. That's a situation that needs to be fixed by the federal government, and it's one of the reasons why I'm so adamant about pushing the minimum wage rate to a standard of $15 an hour. More people would actually be able to live off of that instead of struggling constantly. And no, not $12, Hillary...$15. We need that change NOW. When my student loan deferment period ends later this summer, I don't know how in the world I'm going to make ends meet.

But on a fun note, here's something silly. I was planning on doing this as an entry later on once I had acquired all of the photos necessary (and probably still will, as I want high resolution versions of them), but I suppose this could be a snippet to get you guys giggling a bit. I introduce to you...primary, junior high, and high school Anna Foster! :P

In order (left to right): Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3 grade, 5th grade, 7th grade, 9th grade, and 10th grade. And of course, my mother dressed me in those earlier years. Yuck. All of it is "yuck," really. :P

As I've written in the past, once puberty began hitting around age 12 (6th grade), my struggles truly hit. I didn't know what to do with myself, how to present my appearance, and what in the hell to do with my hair. I am super duper glad those days are in the past now and all has been corrected. Goodness. What strange times. :P

But as always and until next good, do good. Love. <3

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