Highlight of My Life *EOTWP*

20 May

Week 68
This week has been a blur. But for very, quite exceptionally good reasons.

You know how when something just feels right, and then it all plays out so perfectly well...that you know for a fact that it is right? Well, yeah. That's my life right now. :)
It's so crazy that I've come this far. I love my life now! Living feels so rewarding! <3
Situations at work were much better this past week. I had one opening shift on Monday that went by fairly quickly, which was good. I love opening, as I much prefer those shifts over any other. Being able to clock out early and come home to finish chore duties quickly which then leaves the entirety of the afternoon and evening to just goof off is a great thing. I love it. Tuesday ended phenomenally well, and Wednesday....eh, Wednesdays are Wednesdays at HD. Ugh. But that's okay! Because yesterday was grand.
Girls' day! Cards Against was fun as always.
Ruth and I met up with some friends of ours and also a new friend (hello, Susie!) for a lake trip out to Lake Ouachita. Originally, we had planned this with the mentality of "Oh, it'll be mid to end of May with warm, swimming appropriate temps. It'll be great!" But hey, climate change is real, weather patterns are acting all bitchy lately, and we opted instead for an afternoon of adult beverages, snacks, and Cards Against Humanity...all at our favourite lakeside retreat spot. It was fun! And oh so greatly needed. My roommate has been busting her ass this past semester in pharmacy school, and this was a great reward for all of her positive results from working hard. I commend her. <3 Also, there were ducks who decided to visit us! :D
I love all animals. Ducks are funny to me for some reason. So pretty, though!
I guess Thursday night was good, too. :)

You know, throughout this transition of mine, I've always kept looking forward. My sights have always been set on "what's going to happen next?" I mean, I have to. There are so many changes taking place within and around my life, that I knew keeping my focus on the path ahead of me would be the wisest move I could make. This applies to all sorts of different changes going on throughout my transition — be it physical, mental, emotional, and whatnot.

So, when something in my past gives me an inkling of feeling wrong, I immediately begin having doubts...and I move myself away from such matters, albeit sometimes slowly. It's my safeguard reflex, I guess one could say. But going back to the above statement made at the beginning of this blog entry...when something, especially currently, makes me feel secure in my place and let's me know I'm doing the right thing...oh my goodness, does it make me feel so alive. All of this might sound like vague-blogging, but trust me on this. I know what I feel. It's me that's living in this body and controlling this life, after all. <3

Anyhoo, after last week's breast development blog entry, I'm here this week to tell you that, once again, tenderness in my boobs is coming back again. Always a good thing, of course, as it means they're still developing. And we want that. We needs that. (the precious)
Bringing in those sides! <3
I've started waist training now. It is glorious. Lots of actual, physical pressure, but it'll be worth it in the end. I'm ready, personally, for a more appropriate figure. I know some cis women have straighter rid cages and narrow hips, but I can't stand it on me. It will change. It starts now.
Positive growth in waist and hips. I don't believe my waist slightly thinning is because of the waist training just yet, but probably hormone related. But yay for hips!
I am seriously in love with my hair. Is that okay to admit? It's frizzy as fuck, but I don't care. LOLs. I love it. I guess that's what happens when something that used to be a primary form of dysphoria (MPB), but is now progressing and growing so beautifully well. *squee*

I guess I'll end this entry with that. As always, you guys be good. And do good! Love. <3

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