Dangerous Woman *EOTWP*

13 May

Week 67
Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout...

Bye bye, state-level Medicaid private insurance. I'll miss you and your free prescription meds. :'(

This past week, my info on health benefits and insurance info with HD arrived in the mail. As you lot already are aware, I'm super excited that my job's health insurance covers transgender surgery, or sex reassignment surgery (SRS), as some call it (I do). But yes, gone are my free prescription hormone meds. Thankfully, however, the new costs aren't outrageous at all. Maybe 15 dollars is all I'll spend a month on hormones. That's exciting. Anyhow, I'm glad that's all set in stone now, and my primary focus is getting SRS laid out for the future. I cannot wait. It is time. It is SO time for this to happen. This girl so desperately wants to feel complete.

Oooh! I also received an important, official letter in the mail from my gender doctor regarding getting my gender marker changed on my birth certificate — which as most of you should know — is my final stepping stone to pounce on in getting my overall personal identity info changed. I guess I need to make a trip to the Arkansas Department of Health very soon. :)
It was a rough day, but I came home Monday feeling better. :)
Work has been going smoothly...with the exception of Monday. Monday morning was rough. I won't explain details, as I don't want to call out anyone, but all has been settled, hopefully, and things can continue to progress as they have been. I love my job, I really do! And damnit, I'm good at it! But we're all human, though. We will make mistakes.

And speaking of work, an incredible thing happened to me Wednesday afternoon while I was out in the garden centre running a register. I'm scanning a customer's items when the lady looks up and screams very loudly, "AHHHHH! Your arm!!" I look over and a little birdie had landed on my upper arm to stop and chat (or chirp in its case) for a bit. I just turned my head to look at it and said gently, "Hey, little thing. What's going on with you?" It literally stayed on my arm for about 10 seconds, and it was in that entire moment that I...and I seriously mean this, you guys...I felt like a Disney princess. It was grand. <3

I've been breaking away from my Hob Lob assortment of clothing to wear to work at HD lately. And it's liberating. I love the feeling. I've been wearing more dresses, skirts, jeggings, and overall more form-fitting clothing. It makes me happy. And I've noticed it's drawing the awareness of men toward me. This is fine, as it makes me feel incredibly womanly, but the second sexist comments or unwanted touching starts occurring from customers, you can bet this girl is going to speak up. Count on it.

Alrighty, so I guess it is time for breasts. Or boobs. Or whatever you guys want to call them (nothing crude, please.)
I love my asymmetrical breasts. :P Slowly, very slowly...but they're developing. 
It's so mind-blowing to me to see the difference between, say...the 22nd of March compared to today. Whoa.
Oh! And I finally watched Deadpool last night. It was fun! ...and definitely brutal...but I loved it. Now if only I could get a certain guy to take me to go see the new Captain America flick... *sigh*

Until next week! Be good, do good! Love! <3

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