Slightly Inebriated *EOTWP*

08 April

Week 62
Mmmmmm. Margaritas.

This past Tuesday, I had my long-awaited appointment with Dr. Cathey at UAMS. I was so thrilled to see her, too. She's been out on medical leave with what she said, jokingly, was a staph infection (it wasn't), and I was happy to see that she is doing so much physically better now. I'm glad she's back on her feet. She means so much to the trans community in this state — especially Little Rock.
The OBGYN at Freeway Medical has a new check-in terminal to gather information about your visit. It even asks if you'd like to update your photo for your medical record. Nifty!
Dr. Cathey was so happy to see me. As was I for her. She's such a wonderful lady and caring human being, and she was thrilled to see my progress after a 6-month plus hiatus. She hadn't seen my actual hair before (except when it was short on that very first visit), and she mentioned how my overall dress, appearance, stature, posture, expression, tone, voice...basically everything...has changed so dramatically in such a feminine manner. She exclaimed, "You carry yourself so well now!"

But of course. <3
I'm just so happy now living life as my real self. It definitely shows.
And yes, I had blood work done once again. Dr. Cathey told me that at this point in my transition (slightly over a year along), my estrogen level should be sitting between 700 and 900...under 1,000 is the safe zone. Remember how over six months ago at the end of, after being on 8mg of estradiol for four months, my estrogen level shot up to 1,600 plus? Well, after this hiatus of not seeing Dr. Cathey for regular appointments and being prescribed 10mg of estradiol daily, I'm sitting at 705 pg/mL. So, that's good. All is going smoothly as it should. My testosterone level is at its lowest level yet, landing at 24.5 ng/dL. And my progesterone is at 4.63 ng/mL — all three within range of where I should be. Good. Good good good. :)
More slight breast development. Yay.
One aspect I've noticed lately is how I'm bumping into things accidentally with my hips and butt constantly. They've gotten bigger. I guess the physical area I cover in relation to what my brain thinks I cover hasn't quite aligned just yet. Because I'm serious, you's all the time. Doesn't work, at home, out in public, shopping...just constant bumping into things and/or knocking them over. Ugh. In due time, I guess. One thing is certain, though — I'm definitely becoming more of a clutz now.

How about that Walking Dead finale?? :D

I've been working so much that I've fallen behind on staying caught up on all of my favourite shows I watch. I finally got up to speed with New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Wednesday, but I've still several more to go...five other shows to be exact. And three are superhero shows on the CW! :P I'm so ready for Game of Thrones, though. Bring. It. On.

Work has been exhausting these past several days. We're in the midst of a crazy 11 day long "Spring Black Friday" sale, and it's just bonkers. Not enough cashiers, cranky customers, and register terminals that freeze up and fail, causing lines to get backed's been, trial. Yeah, trial. We'll go with that. But I carry onward. It's interesting that having the correct hormones coursing through my body has made me that much more confident in my actions and speech. It's crazy. I'm definitely a sassy bitch now.

I'll see you lovelies next week. Be good, do good! Love! <3

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