Raining On Your Parade *EOTWP*

29 April

Week 65
Storms are moving through the Little Rock area this morning. I love it. It's mother Earth letting you know that you must stabilise yourself amidst negative or harsh pressure from outside forces. Don't let your guard down. And never, ever give up on trying to survive. There will always be hostility trying to invade a serene landscape. Our world is random. You either learn to survive in it, or you struggle with facing the odds. Life lessons, eh?

Thankfully, the thunderstorms moving through aren't tornado-producing today. That's good. But I love it all the same. Thunder and lightning, very, very frightening. Nah. LOLs.

I wore jeggings for the first time out in public yesterday — at work, even. The amount of men (mostly customers) who made gross, attraction-based comments and/or looked me up and down, making me feel the grossness with their eyes...was bonkers. I mean, I've worn yoga and compression pants out in public when going for a run, but looks from that were nothing compared to yesterday.
I love my red pants! (Yes, British friends, I know they're actually trousers, but it would confuse my American friends. Sorry. :P)
I don't know if it's just because of the jeggings being so much more form-fitting, or if it's because my body has developed so much over the last few months...but ugh. I'm seeing just how sexualised men's views are now. Not every man is like this, obviously, but a damn good majority of them just loooooove thinking with their penis instead of their brain. Respect is completely lost — though I'm certain what they think they're saying is respectful and complimenting. It is not.

It's been an hour since I started this blog entry. It's still raining. :)

Hmmm, physical development. My nipples and surrounding area are unquestionably changing now. You'll see when I post the monthly breast development photo in two weeks. They've been a bit tender the past couple of weeks. This is always a good thing. Progress!

Are you guys able to see now in the photo above just how much my hips have developed? Pre-hormones, my hips were a 35 inch measurement (88.9 cm), and last week, they measured 39 and 3/16ths inches (99.54 cm). It's amazing! Hormones truly are magical. Mainly biologically altering, but magical nonetheless. It's funny, however, that my left hip is developing more than my right one. But with my boobs, it's the right one that has discovered the party. Oh well. The human body isn't perfect, after all. :P

This past Tuesday, I did a live event feed on Facebook. It was really fun. I had several really good questions jetted my way, and I loved answering them all the best that I could. It was also super duper fun getting to interact with friends I've yet to meet in-person. Would you lot be open to me doing one of those every couple of weeks? At an announced set time, even? Let me know in the comments, be it here on my site, my contact form, or on Facebook or Twitter! I think it's a great idea that definitely helps educate and gets the word out about just how human and normal transgender people are. Let me know!

(video ©2016 Jim Linsley)

I am a part of a wonderful group of people here in the state of Arkansas pushing for positive growth and change, equality, and separation of church and state...called the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers (ASF). And so many of these people are such incredibly supportive and accepting friends of mine. I love them all.

This is our promotional video that showcases just how normal we as atheists, agnostics, progressives, humanists, and yes, even some very freethinking Christians live our lives in a genuine, everyday manner. We're human. We love life. And we love when people are allowed to live theirs free of scrutiny and hindrance. We fully believe that government should be executed as a separation of church and state — in that people are allowed to freely worship (or not worship, if they so choose) in any manner they please outside of governmental and taxpayer funded grounds. Our Constitution declares that right already. It's what this country was founded upon. And it's wonderful.

As you can see, we're compassionate for others' rights. We love people. And we love seeing people treated equally and fairly. Feel free to email me using the link at the top of my website if you'd like to know more, or seek out ASF on Facebook or Meetup.com!

With that said, let Target know how much you appreciate them for standing up for the transgender community! We're not predators, we're not perverts, and we're not "men in dresses"...we're human. Like you! And seriously, we just need to pee. That is it. I promise.

Until next week, lovelies...be good, do good! Love! <3

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