It's In the Bag *EOTWP*

22 April

Week 64
I had another electrolysis session with the oh-so wonderful Bryan Crawford on Wednesday. Seriously. Look at this mess. It's so amazingly wonderful.
My chin is so smooth now! It's finally starting to become quite noticeable. (Notice the hair on my neck...we haven't gotten to that area yet.)

For some reason or another, it hurt SO much more compared to previous visits. I have no idea why either. Oh well, it's slowly dispersing with each session. I'm beyond happy about this happening. I've been dreaming of it stopping completely ever since the shit began growing during my late teen years. Be gone, facial sick, intrusive bastard element from a Y chromosome.
Who is this girl?! :D <3
Three people at my workplace know about me now. They've been good about it...treating me as I should be treated — human. I've already written how my HR supervisor knows and is supportive, but now I have two friends that work with me on the front end that know as well. The reason being is because they wanted to add me to Facebook. And as most of you already know...I share all on my Facebook page. I mean, I link this blog's posts to that page after all. They would have eventually realised it anyway. It was inevitable. :P

I walked into the restroom at work a couple of weeks ago, and my HR supervisor was finishing up her business. As she's drying her hands when I walk in, she smiles and asks, "Hey girl, how are you? Everything going okay out on the front end?" I was treated like any other woman that would have entered the restroom at that moment. She didn't second guess my intentions (which were to pee, obviously), raise an eyebrow, or anything out of the ordinary knowing that a transgender woman just entered into the same restroom as her. She just spoke to me — woman to woman.

So, to all of you batshit insane "bathroom bill" supporters out there...sod off. I didn't attack her, didn't pursue her sexually, didn't do anything of the sort that you wackos think a trans woman does in a public restroom. I simply smiled back at her, responded with a "I'm great! Things are going well so far," and then proceeded into a stall to pee. She even replied back with the response of, "Well, if there's anything I can do to help, anything you need, just let me know." Crazy, right? A human being treating another human being with respect and kindness.
Restroom selfie! <3
I can't explain to you in words how it feels to be living a life publicly and working in a place where the majority of my co-workers have zero clue that I'm transgender. I've been hit on by multiple guys, told by a few women that "you won't be single long, some guy will swoop you up fast," and have even had some of the older men working there flirt with me like old men flirt. It's gross, but it's awesome. LOLs.

If I do have some co-workers who kind of suspect it, they're being super respectful toward me, and I love that just the same. Thank you. Karen and Li Li, you two are wonderful as well. :)
Gain a pound...waist and butt expand. I see how you work, estrogen. I see how you work.
OH. And guess what I discovered this past weekend?? My work's first-tier health insurance plan...covers transgender sex reassignment surgery (SRS). I began crying when reading about the health benefits and coverage. I'm ecstatic. I mean, this very well could be what finally allows me to fully live my life to completion. And the company also has an employee crisis and help fund that associates can donate to and have a tiny portion taken out of their paycheck toward its funding. For example, a co-worker's father died years ago, and the company paid for all of her travel and stay expenses to fly to the northeast corner of the country. That's so wonderful. This means, should I approach my HR manager in the future regarding the eventuality of SRS, the company would possibly even help with the extra expenses in travel and post-op care. Let's hope. I'm so overjoyed. I'm gonna cry again.

I'm soon going to be working on an article for my blog where I dissect these horrid "bathroom bills" that are currently being hatefully instilled in states like North Carolina and Mississippi. As you've read above, it's an issue (really a non-issue, honestly) that is quite impacting for me, and I have so much more to say. And I will. Soon. Be on the lookout for that, please.

Until next week, be good and do good! Love! <3
I love this photo of Sarah and me! (I was a wee bit drunk.) :P

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