Be Visible *EOTWP*

01 April

Week 61
Yesterday was the global Transgender Day of Visibility for trans human beings. It's the idea put forth that we're not going to hide any more — that's we're human at the core and deserve every ability and right granted to other human beings across the world. It's the notion that we express toward cisgender people that you've never lived in this world without us...we've always been here. Right beside you in bathroom stalls, working next to you office cubicles, buildings, and whatnot, and shopping right alongside you in department stores, malls, etc. We've always been here.
I saw this meme floating around the internet yesterday during TDoV. I thought I'd make my own to share in the love...and to let others know that I'm human just like you. There's nothing wrong with being transgender.
And our visibility is rising faster than ever now. The world is opening up more — becoming all that much more embracing of who we are as people. And despite rabid Trump supporters or fundamentalist conservatives/religious folk trying to stomp us (and other minorities) under their feet, the rest of the world is becoming more caring and open to differences in others. And that's a very good thing. It's okay, really. Those that oppose us are fighting a losing battle in a culture war where the majority have open arms for love and acceptance. Gasping for their collective last bits of air, social conservatives are choking to death on their own fear.

Thanks. It helps the rest of the world progress and move onward.

So, here we are now at week 61 of my progression. All of the different aspects in my life are just peachy right now. There are days when I feel so incredibly down (yay, hormones), and there are days where I feel like a badass video games heroine (I like those days a LOT.) I feel great. I see myself in the mirror and I'm filled with so much glee.

This Tuesday, I'll finally meet with Dr. Cathey once again. I'm hoping some serious changes to my hormone regiment take place — after all, it's been over six months since I saw her last. And two weeks after that last visit, she dropped my estradiol intake by 2mg after seeing blood test results for hormone levels (my estrogen level was a bit high.) I'm hoping that positive changes to that are in store. I'm also super duper excited for her to finally see me without any additions (wig, boobie cup fillers, gaff, etc.) She's never seen my hair grown out in-person, so I'm very much so looking forward to her reactions. It should be really fun.

And hey, I love my job. I was awarded a second Homer award this past weekend for doing an outstanding job at co-running the garden department's front end with Karen. One more gets me an extra $50 on my next paycheck. Fun! I kinda think my supervisor guy flirted with me yesterday (which I honestly don't mind...haha.) That's something, I guess. It makes me feel good, at least. Do I come across as a big flirt? I probably do. I'm so flipping bubbly around people I like or just simply get along with. I LOVE this girl I work with who's name is LiLi. She's super snarky and sweet. I love it. She's fun. And Danica and Brittney are two of my favourite cashiers, too. All three of those ladies...they're wonderful. It seems I love my co-workers no matter what job I have. I miss my Hob Lob peeps! And I already miss my Old Navy friends, too. They were a blast.

My third electrolysis session this past week went over very well, too. I'm discovering that I only need to shave every two days now. That, alone, is incredible, and it takes so much stress away! You guys, if all this stress keeps disappearing like this, I do believe my prissy arse is going to make it past age 50, after all. Yay. :P

Well, I suppose that will do for this week. I'm totally looking forward to talking with a very wonderful, young, transgender girl tomorrow. I'm hoping I can do what's listed above in that meme and inspire her to push and carry on in life as who she knows and feels inside that she is — no one should ever live a lie, hiding behind a mask their entire lives. That's just cruel to yourself. Amazing and wonderful things are in-store for this little girl. I'm excited to talk to her. And I know her mother is, too. <3 <3 <3 good, do good! Love! :D

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