I'll Get You Some Change *EOTWP*

11 March

Week 58
FINALLY...I received some excellent head cashier training today. Not that I'm denying the front end supervisor guy (my immediate boss) for what he taught me — it's just...he was training me right at the beginning. And I had a thousand thoughts and questions racing through my mind.

Today, however, I was trained for the opening shift by a woman who is a really great teacher. She's calm, understanding, and patient...just what I needed. And I came away this morning with a better view and mindset of how to go about the daily morning routine. Good. Aaaaaaand she, myself, and three other girls (that worked at the service desk) talked about boob sizes and bras for a bit before the store opened. That was fun. :P

She gave me her keys after we finished opening all of the registers, and she said, "Here. You're head cashier today." Wha wha WHAT? Oh, okay then. Sure. I've got this. But she stayed by my side to make sure I was doing everything correctly. Wonderful. She was fantastic at helping me through each situation on the front end. Just wonderful. I already want to have her babies now. Wait, what?

ANYHOW. I'm starting to have some dysphoria building as I head into next week. The reason is because I have my second electrolysis session on Wednesday. I was told I need about four to five days worth of growth...soooooooo, yeah. I'm going to shave early Saturday morning and let it go from there. I work Saturday and Sunday, so I'm not too concerned about the growth by the end of that second day. And I'm off Monday, but Tuesday...eh, I work Tuesday at 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. We're talking four fucking days worth of facial hair growth...and my transgender, dysphoric arse is going to have to show my face in public for nine full hours. I'm kind of scared.

I supposed if anyone at work asks, be it co-workers or customers, I could just say something of the sorts like, "Yeah. I was born with a crazy hormone imbalance. It's why I don't have wide hips and my boobs are small." ...and then just laugh and continue on working about my business. I will have a HELL of a lot of makeup on that day, I'm sure. *le sigh*
Gain five pounds? Bust and hips increase. Yay.
HEY GAIS. I'm so ready for sun dresses, springtime maxi dresses and all of the other cute clothing I didn't really get a chance to buy last year at the start of my transition. I can't wait. So excited. But first, I must get my finances back in shape! I can do this. I CAN. I will.

Everything is just really peachy right now. Minus having this disgusting appendage dangling from me and the still-growing facial hair, life is pretty rad right now. My transition is going (and has gone) very smoothly. I adore my roommate, I have all sorts of wonderful, new friends here in Little Rock, our two little kitties are all kinds of joy, and now I have a full-time job! And everyone there respects me for who I am — a woman. *glee*

Be good, do good...and love! See ya, space cowboy. ;)

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