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04 March

Week 57
I suppose there is quite a bit of news to talk about this past week concerning events outside of my transition...so let's get to it.

Our kitties had their spay/neuter appointments on Tuesday and Thursday. Poor, itty bitty Gigi was first on the block for surgery on Tuesday. Hers went very well, and she's currently in the recovery process. I'm proud of mine and Ruth's little girl. She's a trooper! She seriously hates the cone of shame, however...even if she does look completely adorable in it. Tuesday afternoon, when I brought her home, she was growling and super feisty, her eyes were fully dilated, and she was acting all sorts of crazy...jumping around, sprinting in short bursts everywhere. I was afraid she'd mess up her sutures that were in place holding her incision together. She's doing fine now...if a little sore. Juno came home from his acting like Juno...like nothing had even occurred. Silly cat.
Sweet, little Gigi. Her surgery went well at least. I'm super happy about that. (Photo courtesy ©2016 Phillip Vines)
Juno, post-surgery. Still wanting his belly rubbed. What a slacker. :P
Back to my transition...speaking of Thursday, early that morning at 10 o'clock, I had my first electrolysis session. Ladies, Bryan Crawford is an utter joy of a man. He knows his stuff, and he's good about keeping conversation going during the process of hair removal...to keep your mind at ease from all the pain from the lasers and electrolysis.
Look at how much smoother the front of my chin looks! OMG. I'm so excited about this.
He did almost an hour and a half of electrolysis on my chin and jawline...removing all the hairs he could get to. This part was actually really relaxing for me, despite what I've heard from most people regarding electrolysis. But then he broke out the laser. All I could think about was how painful my previous laser sessions were — and the place I went to in Jonesboro for laser didn't even use the right strength! Yikes. Needless to say, really, is that lots and lots of fuck! were said after each go with a laser. It hurt. It hurt so much. And I go back on the 16th in about two weeks. I'm ready for more! :D This morning, I noticed how much smoother my face was after shaving, too. Several more sessions (like 10 to 15, really), and I'll finally be done with this shit. I'm so stinkin' excited to finally have it gone. I hate it so much. SO MUCH.

Oh, and then there was Tuesday. Super Tuesday. My state (Arkansas) was one of the states contested in both the DNC and RNC. Most of you who know me, know that I'm adamant about my love for Bernie Sanders and his campaign — a movement meant to invigorate everyone to vote based on the fact that we currently have a corrupt campaign finance structure that decides nominees and electorates. This movement focuses on the youth of this nation, too. And even though Arkansas had a reported increase in Millennial involvement in primary voting (which is GREAT!), the majority of those youth voted for Hillary (which is unfortunate.) This means Bernie's message isn't quite getting across just yet to those that voted against him. But other states had much lower youth turnout. It disappoints me, sure, but this fight is far from over. Hillary and Trump won in my state. Crazy times that we live in.
See those yellow counties? Granted the entire state of Arkansas is included in the bible belt, but those yellow areas are religious epicentres that voted for Cruz — the nominee who's father said he's ordained by "God" to become president. Purple (and some yellow) counties are the most educated of all the counties in Arkansas, and they voted for Rubio, the establishment nominee. And that's what is scary about the county I moved from, Craighead, in the northeast corner of the state. It's more educated as well, but they voted primarily Cruz. That man is a monster. It's terrifying. (Stats via New York Times article)
Moving on. My training period at my new job is officially over starting this upcoming Monday, and I'll begin my full-time status as an employee. I'm excited. 80 hour paychecks are going to be so wonderful to have once again. And I enjoy working for this company, too! They're so super accepting and supportive of the LGBT community, and they really care about the well-being of their employees. My HR lady is awesome. She's been so good to me, too. I love it.

Well, I guess I'll end it there for the week. I'll be back next Friday! Be good, do good! <3

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