A Thousand Years of Pain *EOTWP*

18 March

Week 59
Not really. LOLs.

My second electrolysis session was a bit more painful this time around when compared to the first. Last time, just the front area of my chin was worked on, but this time, a small bit was zapped on the front, the corners of my chin, and along each jawline. My jawline was the part that hurt the most this go around. I had quite a bit of redness and swelling, too. It being Friday, that redness is still lingering from Wednesday's appointment. It can be seen in the progression photo above.
The night before my electrolysis session. This was about five days worth of growth. My makeup is concealing a small bit of it.
In the photo above, every hair follicle you see on the front corner area of my chin didn't hurt. Errrr, at least, it felt like it did last time...like itty bitty bee stings. Those aren't a problem. In a twisted kind of way, it's a bit relaxing. But as Bryan (the electrologist) kept going up further on my jawline, it became more painful — to the point that my right leg kept twitching when he'd hit a root that was really deep in my skin. I eventually had to wrap my arms around myself, basically hugging myself to keep from slightly convulsing.

SO much was cleared off my chin and jawline. I'm super duper happy!

The lead-up to Wednesday's session was dysphoria filled, too. I was off work Monday, but when Tuesday came to be, I didn't know how I was going to get through it. I kept thinking, "OMG. So many people are going to see me in public with facial hair. It's going to be so incredibly embarrassing and out me as trans to everyone! UGH."

But that didn't happen.

Instead, I got hit on by two Hispanic men earlier in the morning who couldn't quite keep the focus of their collective eyes upstairs. Later that day, I was complimented on two separate occurrences by white men who were trying their hardest to be sweet and charming. All of these situations took a lot of the stress away from thinking that this shit on my face was going to be a problem. I'm glad it wasn't terrible like I thought it was going to be.
This Sunday past. This was the third day of facial hair growth, and I hated the way it looked THEN. I didn't think I'd get through Tuesday.
Speaking of Sunday at work...I had to help close the store this past Sunday night. That's getting easier now. So, that's good. But after we closed, we held an entire store meeting where EVERY associate was there to hear sales numbers, eat yummy food, and basically party (minus the alcohols...boo) with our fellow associates. It was fun. There was fried chicken, so I was happy. LOLs. And yours truly was even presented with a Homer Award. Apparently, associates get these by going above and beyond our required work expectations — either based on more-than-exceptional customer service or doing an outstanding job in your position. I guess I'm catching on quick as a head cashier. Good good good! :D

Who's ready for boobs? I know I am. <3
My nipples seem to be developing more lately. Indentions in the nipple are really starting to take shape and form.
I'll start including the progress set of photos as a reference for growth. Boobies! <3
And with that, I bid all of you lovelies adieu. Be good, do good! <3

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