The Other Side of the Mirror

01 February

Crazy, eh? You guys have no idea how much relief has come into my life much better I feel about living. It's spectacular. But hey, let's get to the point of this blog entry — my T-Day party! Yay! roommate is all kinds of wonderful. She had put together this event and brought all of my Little Rock friends together to celebrate my one year mark of being on new birthday, or T-Day, if you will. My day of transitioning; the day it all began...29th of January. This is the day that my life took new form. The moment when I began living as me, instead of hiding behind a mask. 
I love all of these people so, SO much. <3 (photo ©2016 Terri Henderson)
This T-Day celebration was held at my most favourite of favouritest Mexican restaurants, Señor Tequila in North Little Rock. I've eaten at other branches of this restaurant around Little Rock, but this one in particular makes fajita nachos like no other. good.

Earlier in the day, Ruth told me that I was in for a huge surprise later in the night. This made me quite anxious throughout the day, but I was prepared for anything, I suppose. And Ruth had made a reservation for 20 people, too, but we ended up shattering that as more kept rolling in to celebrate. This pretty much melted my heart. Thank you so much, everyone. I could feel the love radiating.
Seemed like it took forever to order food...people kept pouring in! :D (photo ©2016 Sonja Walden)
Bern, who's looking down at his phone in the foreground of the above photo, got me a Hannah Montana stool for my room (because, hey, every girl needs a Miley stool to sit on growing up...and I never got that as a child.) Thank you, Bern. It was sweet of you. :)

I received several cards, too, all with wonderfully sweet messages of love and support, and Melissa even got me a gift card to Ulta. Booyah! YES. I will make use of that very shortly.
The BIG gift. I'm reading it. Unbelievable. <3 (photo ©2016 Tracy Whitaker)
So, here's the thing. My friends are better than yours. There's nothing you can say to make me ever think otherwise. They just are. Deal. As a group gift, contributions and donations were taken in to put forth toward getting me something I have been longing for greatly. My friends chipped in together to buy me session time with an electrologist. Yes, I'm going to FINALLY be rid of this nonsense that continues to grow out of my face and neck. I can not explain to you how thoughtful, how meaningful, and how truly appropriate and incredible this gift is. I started crying.
When I saw the name Bryan Crawford (he's an electrologist in North Little Rock), I lost it. (photo ©2016 Patty McCook)
Removal of this one particular male secondary sex characteristic is so important for me. I struggle with it constantly. It pains me. It makes me cry. It causes depression. It creates massive amounts of dysphoria within me. I want it gone. See, before I started transitioning, I visited a laser hair removal salon in Jonesboro. I spent far too much money, and the laser removal didn't do anything to remove it. It has slowed its growth on my upper lip, and it comes in less coarse on my jaws, though. But that's about the only positive thing that came out of those eight overly expensive sessions. It was wasted money. I felt terrible.

But now that mistake is going to be absolved. And I couldn't possibly be happier about it.

(video courtesy of and ©2016 Jim Linsley)

By the end of the night, yes, I was a little far too gone. But that's okay. I was having a blast and enjoying myself and all the others around me so much. I was happy. And that's what matters. And since it was my T-Day celebration, the staff brought me a tequila shot...for celebratory purposes, of course. The video above will explain everything. :P

I had so much fun, you guys. Thank you all from the very depths of my heart for making me feel special on such an important day in my life. You guys truly made this girl's world come alive that night. <3

Be good! Love!

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  1. I'm so glad you've found the support you need. Love!

    1. Thank you, thank you, Nena! <3 Thank you for introducing me to such an amazingly wonderful group of new friends!