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12 February

Week 54
I had another blog entry typed up and ready to post, but I've set it aside for now. It was a little more emotionally intense. It will hang out for the time being as a draft. I'm sure I'll come back to it one day down the road. But for now...

I'm antsy regarding starting this new job. One more week to go...hopefully. I have to pass an initial background check and drug test before they'll call me back to set up a schedule. But I'm ready to move on. Totally. I'm honestly kind of sad to be leaving Old Navy. This is definitely not because of the work (though I really do love dressing the mannequins), but more to do with the co-workers I've really gotten to know these last several months. I adore working with Theresa and Iris in the kids' department, Britt has my heart, and I love heckling Sha'veda (she does it to me, too.) Even Enrique! I don't get to work with him often since I work with the shipment crew, but Enrique and I were the only surviving members of our hiring team that made it past the first month. That's something! :P (Plus, he's a really fun guy to work with.) *sigh* I've got to move on, though.
Year two begins...
So, I've been gaining weight now, ever so slightly, consistently across the last couple of months. I'm now, on average, 15 pounds higher than I was one year ago. And I can tell. My favourite pair of jeans are beyond super snug now on my hips and butt. I have to do an embarrassing tiny dance to even get in them. This is all so new to me. Men's clothing definitely doesn't function like this. When it was unseasonably warmer a couple of weeks ago, I even decided to put on my favourite white pair of shortie shorts. OMG. So tight. I keep forgetting that last summer was seven months ago. My body has physically changed so much in that short timespan.

It's a good thing I've got this new job now, because Anna's going to need some new clothes soon. (I'm not complaining...I love shopping. LOLs.)

I need to figure out now when and how to make an appointment for my first electrolysis session. The electrologist said I should wait for at least two days worth of growth (ugh), so I need to plan around that. This could be tricky with getting ready to start this new full-time job soon. But I must do it soon. I can't take having this nonsense growing on my face any longer. :'(

My voice has been bothering me a lot lately as well. Since becoming sick a few weeks ago (thanks again, Joey :P), all of the coughing and hacking fits have caused my pitch to noticeably drop. This frustrates me. I've worked so hard to get my voice to a nice and clear feminine tone and inflection rate. I guess I'll have to continue voice therapy for several weeks — maybe months, even — to get it to return where I was snug and comfy. I can do it.

Problems. You got 'em, this gal will listen. I should have majored in psychology. *sigh* *kicks can across room* *steps in cat pee* *dies*

Be good! Do good! <3

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