That's a Cute Top *EOTWP*

05 February

Week 53
Year number two of HRT is now in full effect. I'm overjoyed. Not only that, but for other reasons, too.

I've had a series of interviews this past week with another retail chain for possible part-time work. Yes yes, I'm giving in and realising that working multiple jobs is just going to have to be my reality for a while...until I can truly land on my feet. Anyhow, it's with The Home Depot.
Finally. It happened.
This morning, I went in for my third and final interview with the actual store manager (super friendly guy.) And I apparently perked his ears upon telling him I have CSM experience with Hobby Lobby (where I've worked most of my life.) So, anyhow...he leaves the room to go talk with the HR lady. He comes back in a few minutes later, and then he offers me a full-time head cashier position. I'm like, "Uh, yeah. I'll take that." (I didn't really say that.) After I said yes, he went to go get one of the other head cashiers on duty to talk to me about the role. It sounds exactly like the CSM role at Hob Lob, but with an easier means of getting customers through the lines. Perfect. I'm excited. This takes so much stress away, and I can finally start getting caught up on my finances.

Now I'll be able to buy that cute top that came in a few weeks ago at Old Navy. It's a rarity — me liking an article of clothing from Old Navy. :P
This. I want this. Totes adorb.
Anyhow! Time to give my two-week notice to Old Navy! Also, it's time to celebrate! :D Be good, you guys! <3

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