New Year's Eve Party at Stickyz 2015

01 January

I like him. He likes me. :)
The above is a pre-party selfie taken with the cute boy. I couldn't make up my mind on what to wear out to the party downtown at Stickyz, but Ruth suggested the top you see in the photo after I expressed wanting to wear my miniskirt out on the town (I've never worn it before, and I was dying to do so.) Cute boy liked it enough, I believe. So that works for me. :)

Also, it was hella cold outside. But I didn't care. I looked cute and the boyfriend was loving it. I wore a thick coat at least. Haha. BUT ANYHOW. Yup, Stickyz! I hadn't ever been there before, and upon walking in, we immediately noticed the place all decorated for celebrating and ringing in the new year. It was exciting. I was especially happy that all of my favourite people were under one roof celebrating together. We had a smaller group, but Stickyz was banging. And it actually wasn't too crowded or busy. It was loud (mainly because of the band playing.) Not obnoxious loud, but enough to really set a celebratory mood. And we did so with chicken tenders and drinks! :D
Not pictured: Phillip, Sarah, Wendell, and part of Rachael's head. :P
It's funny, really. The cute boy is a super lightweight like me when it comes to consuming alcoholic drinks. I'm usually quite tipsy after one frozen margarita...and then utterly lost after a second one. :P But yeah, he's the same. I love it. Haha. And yes, as always, I ordered a strawberry margarita (theirs are SO much better than La Haciendas...crazy talk), a mango one as well, and then half of another strawberry one. Sooooooooo good. And it all made the night even better and more fun. I even behaved and was a good girl — I didn't Periscope the event for even one second all night. LOLs. 
From left to right: 1.) Take a guess. :P 2.) Sarah apparently hates group selfies. 3.) It's so hard to get this boy to smile for a photo. 
Three of my favourite people. <3
So as the night inched closer and closer to midnight and the beginning of a new year, we all decided to go outside for our celebratory new year kisses. I was getting worried because the cute boy had run off somewhere (in the restroom), and I didn't think I was going to be able get my kiss right at midnight. I begin hearing the countdown, and I see all of my friends gearing up for it, but still no cute boy in sight. he comes rushing through the doors outside and plants one right on me. *squee* Talk about making a girl restless. :P We stayed outside in the freezing cold for a bit longer after midnight, and the cute boy even held me close to keep me warm (thank you, sir.)

You know those warm fuzzy feelings you get when things just start feeling right? Yup, that's basically my life now. Everything is just right. All the puzzle pieces are falling into their correct place. It's finally playing out the way it always should have been from birth. And I love it. Gawd, I loved having him hold me in the cold air keeping me warm. The feels, you guys. THE FEELS.
Better view of the top I wore. I love it!
After festivities at Stickyz came to a close for us, we pub-crawled a couple of blocks over to Dougan's for more drinks and fun. Not I, though. I was well enough spent. Water, it was. :P After a bit of cracking on, we decided to call it a night and head home. Overall, that was the most fun I've ever had out on the town. And it felt truly wonderful to finally be able to do it all as my true self. See, that's the thing. I LOVE getting out now. I never did before. I was a stay-at-home shut-in. Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you. I just knew it wasn't what I was meant to be personality-wise.

Oh, how we change as we get older. And's drastic. But I welcome it. :)

Have an absolutely rad and incredibly happy new year, you guys. Be good! <3

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  1. Thank you for spending New Year's Eve at Stickyz and thank you for taking the time to write this. I was one of the main event organizers and also played guitar in The Fuggins Wheat Band and Crazy Neighbor. We hope you had a great overall experience and have a Happy New Year!

    1. It was a blast, sir! There were some great covers played, too!