Job Searching in the Snow *EOTWP*

22 January

Week 51
(I'm going to try to start using the rear-facing camera on my phone starting with this post. Better clarity.)
I need a full-time job as of six months ago. I go to interview after interview...and get denied over and over. When will this end? I'm behind on bills. It's building tension for, not only myself, but Ruth as well. The pressure is becoming very severe. I need help. And I need it now.

Like, I come home from my lousy income job at Old Navy every other morning, and I apply to more jobs — each and every day, even. I mean, I did have a decent interview that seemed fairly positive early last week...but I'm still waiting on the callback. Where is it? Why haven't they called to set up the second interview like they said they would do? Am I really so horrendous looking and terrifying that I'm being lied to during interviews just to give me that ever so slight glimmer of hope and satisfaction after I've left...all to make it easier on the person interviewing me? I despise this wait.
Sick at work: no makeup in public is kind of a big deal for me.
I should have NEVER gotten screwed out of my transfer with Hobby Lobby. But I did. And the only reason I can surmise is that a previous district manager disagreed with who I am as an individual (while he was still the DM for the Jonesboro store...and yes, I know for a fact he did), and in turn, wouldn't let me hire on at his other store here in Little Rock...even though the payroll was there to do so. It was the perfect way for the company to let me go — a company that is still private in its corporate affairs.

Yes, the oh so wonderful Christian company that demands checking your genitals to determine which restroom you can appropriate with as an employee. #IJustNeedToPee is still an incredibly valid hashtag. Discriminatory practises at its finest, everyone. That's Hobby Lobby. But don't think I wouldn't take a job there. My pay rate kept things in check, and I absolutely adored fighting the corporate idiocy. There's something immensely pleasing about being a transgender woman working for a company that ultimately disagrees with who I am as a human being.

Yes yes, I didn't have to leave my job and Jonesboro. But then again, I was starting to fear for my life and safety. A girl kinda starts doing that when physically threatened by a redneck male. And I honestly wanted a fresh start in a brand new, more progressive locale. Little Rock, for the most part, is that. And it's great. I love living here so much.

And speaking of Little Rock, we got snow today! Yay! I've always been jealous how much snow Little Rock has always gotten each year over Jonesboro; it always seemed like when Jonesboro was forecast to get a decent amount of snowfall, it would end up either bypassing or get very little. On the rarity, it would snow a great deal. But yeah, it was rare.
Yay for snow! We probably got about seven inches at our location in Little Rock. So much fun!
The kitties aren't really sure what to think of it, however. I think Gigi is incredible fascinated by it, but Juno seems scared to death yet curious of it. And I wish I felt better, too, because I'd probably be out playing in it. I started getting ill and feeling weird on Tuesday, and then the sickness showed its fugly face on Wednesday. I almost didn't think that I would make it through work yesterday — even more so after being asked to stay a bit longer — but I pushed on anyway. I felt so bad that I couldn't bring myself to put on makeup or do my hair that morning. It was the first time I've gone out in public without makeup on...which was a slightly big event for me. Passing is very important for this girl. It matters greatly that people see me publicly for who I really am — a woman. Thankfully, I guess I was able to pass without makeup because I did get "ma'am'ed" constantly by the few customers I did help during the hours we were open. So, that's good. Despite feeling like utter shit from being sick, that aspect made me feel really great. Also, my voice sounds uber terrible right now. I'm ready for it to return to normalcy.
Juno experiencing one of his many, many belly rubs. Cat is nuts.
With that, I'll leave you guys on a good note with a photo of Juno. Such a crazy yet sweet kitty. I loves him so. Be good, you guys! <3

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